U.S. Bishop Joins Pope in Denouncing Surrogacy as a “Grave Injustice”

Bishop Robert Barron, representing the U.S. bishops, has strongly condemned the practice of surrogacy, aligning with Pope Francis in characterizing it as a “grave injustice” leading to the commercialization of women and children.

Bishop Barron, serving as the head of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota, and chairing the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family, and Youth, delivered his statement on January 10.

This follows Pope Francis’ recent address to Vatican ambassadors, urging a global ban on surrogacy.

Pope’s Call for Global Ban:

In his speech on January 8, Pope Francis labeled surrogacy as a “grave violation of the dignity of the woman and the child” and advocated for a worldwide prohibition on the practice.

The Pope’s firm stance on surrogacy resonates with his concerns about its impact on human dignity and the family structure.

Grave Injustice to Multiple Parties:

Bishop Barron emphasized that while the desire for surrogacy may stem from the aspiration to naturally form a family, the practice inherently inflicts grave injustice on various fronts.

He pointed to the child, discarded embryos, the commodified birth mother, and the union of spouses as entities affected adversely by surrogacy.

Describing surrogacy as the commodification and instrumentalization of a woman’s body, he underscored the dehumanizing aspect of treating her as a mere “carrier.”

Reduction of Child to an Object:

Highlighting a disturbing facet of surrogacy, Bishop Barron noted that the child becomes subject to buying and selling, akin to an object in human trafficking.

This reduction of a child to transactional terms raises ethical concerns and underscores the Pope’s and Bishop Barron’s shared conviction about the harmful consequences of surrogacy.


The united condemnation from Bishop Robert Barron and Pope Francis reflects a strong stance against surrogacy, emphasizing its potential harm to human dignity, familial bonds, and the inherent value of every individual involved in the process.

As this condemnation reverberates through the Catholic community, it contributes to a global conversation on the ethical considerations surrounding surrogacy.

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