Twitch Streamers Exploit New ‘Artistic Nudity’ Rules with Simulated Full Nudity Using ‘Censor Bars’

Twitch Streamers Exploit New ‘Artistic Nudity’ Rules with Simulated Full Nudity Using ‘Censor Bars’

Since Twitch updated its content guidelines regarding sexual content on December 13, a novel trend has emerged among content creators.

Some Twitch users are now pushing the boundaries of the platform’s policy on ‘artistic nudity’ by incorporating simulated full nudity, cleverly using fake ‘censor bars.’

Policy Update and Background:

Twitch, a prominent online live-streaming platform, revised its ‘approach to sexual content’ on December 13, relaxing restrictions on ‘artistic nudity.’

This adjustment followed the controversial ban of Morgpie, a popular streamer and OnlyFans model, who had been temporarily banned due to an apparently topless live-feed fundraiser.

The ban sparked discussions and criticisms, leading to the subsequent policy changes.

Twitch’s History of Boundary-Pushing:

Twitch has a history of content creators employing attention-grabbing strategies, known as ‘metas.’

These include the ‘hot tub meta’ and ‘fart meta.’

The current trend, referred to as the ‘topless meta,’ involves faux-‘censor bar’ variations and is the latest attempt by users to maximize viewer engagement and monetize their content.

Topless Meta:

Content creators, such as Twitch streamer Firedancer, have utilized the ‘topless meta.’

This involves strategically placing large black ‘censor bars’ to create a simulated nude appearance.

Despite the attention garnered, some users express frustration with Twitch’s policies, advocating for clearer distinctions between family-friendly content and more mature content.

Critiques and Confusion:

Users on platforms like Reddit criticize Twitch for what they perceive as confusing policies and marketing.

Some argue for either embracing adult content or maintaining a family-friendly image without ambiguity.

Others express frustration with Twitch’s reactionary decisions, particularly the temporary ban of Morgpie and subsequent guideline changes.

Charitable Context and Backlash:

The ban of Morgpie, who was fundraising for Doctors Without Borders, led to backlash and accusations of robbing a charity.

Twitch faced criticism for what some perceived as an overly reactive stance, banning Morgpie before reconsidering the decision.

Twitch’s Response and New Guidelines:

Twitch responded to the criticisms by updating its guidelines, aiming to make them less confusing.

The revised rules permit streamers to broadcast content deliberately highlighting specific body regions, even when fully clothed, as long as appropriately labeled.

This includes activities like body painting and strip teases with ‘sexual themes’ labels, with certain limits on prohibited content.

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