Twins and Faith: A Special Baptism for the Renwick Family

Special Moments at the Baptism

Three Sets of Twins at the Baptism

For Kristin Renwick, the baptism of her son, Andrew, held a unique significance.

The gathering was graced with the presence of three sets of twins.

The Daghir twins, Kristin’s mother and aunt, along with the babies, created a truly special atmosphere.

The Renwicks even captured a memorable picture of all of them together, cherishing the remarkable moment.

The Significance of the Twins’ Names

Names with a Deeper Meaning

The names chosen for their twins by the Renwicks hold a profound significance.

Their newest addition, Andrew, was presented to St. Mary’s of Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, as a baptized Christian.

However, the meaning behind their twins’ names goes beyond the ceremony.

The names Andrew and Gianna were selected with great intention and purpose.

A Reflection on Faith and Evangelization

Inspiration from the Faith Journey

The Renwick family has been actively involved in the “Alpha” program for adult faith formation since 2015, emphasizing the importance of evangelization.

During one of the program’s talks, they were struck by a powerful message.

The speaker conveyed that while not everyone can be a Saint Peter, everyone has the capacity to be a Saint Andrew, who introduced Peter to Jesus.

This concept deeply resonated with Luke Renwick, reinforcing their mission to introduce people to the teachings of Jesus.

Kristin’s Connection with St. Gianna Molla

For Kristin, St. Gianna Molla holds a special place in her heart.

As a family physician, Kristin was naturally drawn to St. Gianna, who was not only a pediatrician but also a prominent figure in the pro-life movement.

Kristin’s admiration for St. Gianna’s dedication and values made choosing her name for one of their twins, Gianna, a clear and meaningful choice.

The Miraculous Connection of Twins

Gianna and Andrew’s Unique Bond

Gianna and Andrew, who are now 3 months old, share a profound connection.

Kristin marvels at the way the two infants snuggle up to each other and interact.

She considers their connection to be a true miracle from God, emphasizing the deep bond that can exist between siblings, even from a very young age.

Family and Faith Unite

The Renwick family’s experience at Andrew’s baptism is a beautiful testament to the power of faith, family, and the profound moments that can be created during important life events.

The presence of three sets of twins adds a unique and memorable dimension to this spiritual occasion.

The intentional choice of names for their children reflects the family’s commitment to their faith and its values.

The Renwicks’ active involvement in evangelization through the “Alpha” program underscores their dedication to sharing their faith with others.

Gianna and Andrew’s special bond serves as a reminder of the miraculous connections that can exist within a family, even in the earliest stages of life.

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