Kelly Ripa Shares Steamy Revelation About Husband Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa’s Racy Confession: Life at Home with Mark Consuelos Revealed

During a live broadcast of “Live with Kelly and Mark,” host Kelly Ripa made a surprising and candid revelation about her life at home with her co-host and husband, Mark Consuelos.

The revelation came as they discussed Mark’s injured finger on the September 15th episode of the show.

Discussing Mark’s Injury

The conversation revolved around Mark Consuelos, who had injured his ring finger and informed the audience that it had been four weeks since the accident.

This injury became the focal point of Kelly’s intriguing revelation.

Kelly’s Role as “Co-Surgeon”

Kelly went on a playful rant, sharing that Mark “loves” to play up the drama of his finger injury and that she had been his “co-surgeon” throughout the healing process.

She humorously described the timing of his requests for assistance, which often occurred at a rather intimate moment in their daily routine.

A Steamy Interruption

Kelly elaborated, saying, “When Mark wants to do the pageantry of the finger, and the rewrapping of the finger, and the re-maintaining of the finger, he waits until I’m naked, out of the shower, and I’ve got my anti-aging oils.”

She further explained how this led to an unexpected interruption and her need to provide first aid while in a rather vulnerable state.

Mark’s Cheeky Response

Mark Consuelos cheekily responded, hinting at a different intention behind his timing.

He suggested that it might be a cue for something else, to which Kelly playfully questioned what it was a cue for.

A Playful Exchange

The couple engaged in a light-hearted exchange as Kelly humorously stated, “If you think that ‘Help me bandage my faux injury’ is foreplay, then we have drifted – we are now on separate islands.”

This banter showcased their playful dynamic.

Mark’s Injury and Previous Jokes

Mark had injured his hand during a game of beach volleyball on Labor Day and had to wear a cast for eight weeks.

Kelly previously poked fun at his injury, which led to some entertaining moments on the show.

A Playful Conclusion

Kelly concluded the segment with a playful remark, leaving the audience amused. Her comment added a humorous twist to the conversation surrounding Mark’s injury.

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