Tuohy Family Lawyers: Michael Oher Did Receive $100,000 from ‘The Blind Side’ Movie

Tuohy Family Lawyers: Michael Oher Did Receive $100,000 from ‘The Blind Side’ Movie


NFL star Michael Oher has been at the center of a dispute surrounding his earnings from the movie ‘The Blind Side,’ with lawyers for the Tuohy family, who adopted him, claiming that he did indeed receive $100,000 in profits from the film.

The Tuohy family’s attorneys, Randy Fishman and Steven Farese Sr., spoke to the media, expressing confidence that the facts would disprove Oher’s allegations.

Oher’s Allegations and Conservatorship Battle

Michael Oher, now 37, had recently alleged that he was misled into signing a document that made the Tuohys his conservators, giving them the right to profit from his name.

This move contradicts his initial portrayal in the movie ‘The Blind Side,’ which was based on his life story.

Oher claimed that the entire film was built on falsehoods, asserting that he is not truly the adopted son of Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy.


In 2004, when he was 18 years old, Oher signed a petition that designated the Tuohys as his conservators, allowing them to manage business interests on his behalf.

Oher’s legal suit contends that this conservatorship arrangement enabled the Tuohy family to secure a deal that granted them royalties from the movie, amounting to $225,000 each, in addition to a percentage of the film’s net proceeds.

Tuohys’ Response and Estrangement

Sean Tuohy, one of Oher’s supposed adoptive parents, reacted to Oher’s claims with a statement expressing the family’s devastation.

The Tuohy family’s lawyers revealed that Oher and the Tuohys have been estranged for approximately a decade, highlighting that Oher had mentioned the Tuohys’ role as his conservators in his first book.

Legal Battle and Ongoing Dispute

The legal battle between Oher and the Tuohy family continues, with Oher seeking a full accounting of his assets, considering the significant financial success generated by the movie’s portrayal of his life story.


Despite the Tuohys’ attorneys’ intentions to end the conservatorship, the allegations and counter-allegations persist.

Oher’s Earlier Account

In his 2011 memoir, ‘I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness, to The Blind Side, and Beyond,’ Oher had detailed his perspective on the conservatorship arrangement.

He explained that becoming a legal member of the Tuohy family was a significant event after his high school graduation.

Oher’s memoir depicted his acceptance of the conservatorship as a formality, considering his deep bond with the Tuohy family.


The ongoing controversy surrounding Michael Oher’s profits from ‘The Blind Side’ and the validity of his conservatorship agreement highlights the complexities of relationships and legal arrangements involving public figures.


As the legal proceedings continue, the true nature of Oher’s relationship with the Tuohy family and the financial aspects tied to the movie remain subjects of debate and discussion.

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