Trump’s Lawyer Criticizes New York Judge for Letting Jurors Go Home During Holiday Weekend

Trump’s Lawyer Criticizes New York Judge for Letting Jurors Go Home During Holiday Weekend

Donald Trump’s long-time lawyer expressed strong disapproval of the New York judge’s decision to allow jurors in his hush money case to go home over the holiday weekend, fearing they might be influenced by their liberal friends and families.

The closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday, after which the jury will deliberate on the 34 charges of falsifying business records against Trump.

Concerns Over Jury Influence

Alina Habba, who represented Trump in his civil fraud case, criticized Judge Juan Merchan for not sequestering the jurors in a hotel during the final weekend of the six-week trial.

Speaking on Fox News, she voiced concerns that exposure to media and conversations with friends and family could bias the jurors against Trump, especially if they are exposed to left-leaning news sources.

Potential Bias and Media Influence

Habba expressed worries about jurors being influenced by media outlets such as CNN or MSNBC, which she referred to using a term coined by Trump.

She feared that jurors might return with a bias against Trump, influenced by what she termed “Trump Derangement Syndrome” from their social circles, potentially leading to an unfair verdict.

Jury Composition and Challenges

The jury, which was sworn in on April 22, consists of seven men and five women, including a corporate lawyer, an investment banker, a software engineer, and a teacher.

During the selection process, some jurors expressed negative opinions about Trump or revealed they followed anti-Trump social media accounts, raising further concerns about potential bias.

Political Implications of the Verdict

The case is significant as it could potentially derail Trump’s bid for the White House.

President Joe Biden is reportedly keenly anticipating the verdict, which could make Trump the first former president ever convicted of a felony.

Biden’s campaign team plans to refer to Trump as “Convicted Felon Donald Trump” if the verdict is guilty.

Trump’s Defense and Criticism of the Judge

Judge Merchan has clashed repeatedly with Trump’s defense team and issued several gagging orders on the former president.

Habba criticized the judge, claiming he is severely conflicted and expressing doubt that he will give fair jury instructions. She emphasized the importance of these instructions, calling them the “road map” for the jury.

Public and Media Reactions

Trump received a warm reception at a rally in the Bronx, the first Republican presidential candidate to do so in 40 years.

Meanwhile, on Fox News, host Sean Duffy expressed optimism about the jury, suggesting that jurors who understand the law and facts might fight for Trump’s acquittal.

Juror Statements and Media Exposure

During jury selection, some jurors admitted to getting news from left-leaning sources like The New York Times, and one female juror called Trump “selfish.”

Another juror followed former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and anti-Trump social media accounts, raising further concerns about impartiality.

Trump Campaign’s Strategy

Trump’s campaign has branded the case a political witch hunt, aiming to keep him off the campaign trail.

The trial is one of four criminal cases Trump faces, but it is the only one likely to go to trial before the November general election.

Closing Arguments and Next Steps

Judge Merchan will give his instructions to the jury after both sides conclude their summing up.

Habba stressed the critical nature of these instructions and expressed skepticism about the judge’s ability to deliver them impartially.

The jury’s verdict could have significant implications for Trump’s political future and the upcoming election.

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