Trump Strategically Shifts Focus from Haley to Biden, Anticipates Landslide Win in South Carolina Primary

Trump Strategically Shifts Focus from Haley to Biden, Anticipates Landslide Win in South Carolina Primary

In a pivotal moment in the Republican primary race, Donald Trump is poised for a substantial victory over Nikki Haley in South Carolina.

Trump’s aides indicate that this triumph will mark a strategic shift, with his focus transitioning from internal party competition to a vigorous attack on President Joe Biden.

This shift is set to be formally announced in a major speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) near Washington D.C.

The speech is expected to highlight the critical choice confronting voters in the upcoming November election, painting a stark picture of potential consequences under another Biden term.

Trump’s Anticipated CPAC Speech

According to exclusive extracts shared with, Trump plans to use the CPAC platform to emphasize the perceived dangers of extending Biden’s presidency.

He will sketch a bleak scenario of streets and campuses besieged by protesters, warning that four more years of Biden could embolden extremist forces.

The specter of groups like Hamas and Antifa dominating the public space under Biden’s governance will be a central theme.

Foreign Policy and Domestic Unrest

Trump is likely to draw attention to Biden’s handling of international affairs, particularly the administration’s stance on Israel.

Despite initial support for Israel in the wake of a Hamas terror attack, protests against Israel have grown, and the administration has cautioned against further military action.

The recent infiltration of protesters into a hotel where Biden was staying adds fuel to Trump’s narrative of a deteriorating situation.

Electoral Landscape in South Carolina

Current polls suggest a significant lead for Trump over Nikki Haley in South Carolina, her home state.

The state, where Haley previously served as governor, is expected to provide a substantial boost to Trump’s campaign.

Despite Haley’s commitment to continue the race, Trump’s aides dismiss her as a significant contender, jokingly suggesting she seek attention on mainstream media platforms.

Strategic Shift: From Haley to Biden

Trump’s wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada have positioned him as the frontrunner, allowing him to chart a unique course in the primary race.

Notably, he plans to forgo a visit to Michigan during its primary, signaling a departure from traditional campaign strategies.

His aides emphasize that Trump will now concentrate solely on the looming battle against Biden, intensifying attacks leading up to the State of the Union address.

Appeal to CPAC Attendees

At CPAC, Trump is anticipated to call on conservatives to voice their concerns and solidify the groundwork initiated by his election in 2016.

He will frame the upcoming election as a reckoning, urging attendees to reject the establishment and envision the potential consequences of another four years under Biden.

The speech is expected to underscore key issues such as inflation and Biden’s fitness for office, leveraging these concerns to rally supporters against the incumbent.


As Trump steers his campaign away from internal party competition towards a direct confrontation with Biden, his CPAC speech is poised to set the tone for the next phase of the election season.

The choice presented to voters in November, as outlined by Trump, is one between a perceived resurgence under his leadership or a descent into chaos and decay under another term of the Biden administration.

The battleground is not just South Carolina but the hearts and minds of conservative voters nationwide.

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