Truck Overturns on N4 Near Watermeyer Offramp, Causing Closure and Injuries

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media. Motorists traveling on the N4 near Watermeyer offramp in Pretoria have been advised to seek alternative routes due to the closure of the road.


This closure comes after a truck overturned, resulting in a significant incident on Sunday, 14 May.

Emergency services responded promptly to the scene, providing medical assistance to those injured.

Truck Overturns, Prompting Road Closure

The N4 near Watermeyer offramp in Pretoria has been closed off to traffic following an accident involving a truck overturning.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday, 14 May, has led authorities to urge motorists to find alternate routes until the road is reopened.

The closure has disrupted travel in the area and highlights the immediate need for repairs and recovery efforts.

Injuries Reported, Patient Transported to Hospital

Emergency services from the Tshwane region responded swiftly to the scene of the truck overturning.


Charles Mabaso, spokesperson for the Tshwane Emergency Services Department, confirmed that one individual sustained moderate to serious injuries as a result of the accident.

Paramedics treated the patient at the scene before transporting them to a nearby hospital for further medical care.

The severity of the injuries emphasizes the importance of caution on the roads and the necessity for drivers to adhere to safety guidelines.

In a separate incident on the N4 near Donkerhoek in Gauteng, a tragic collision occurred, resulting in the loss of a life.

Emergency response teams arrived at the scene promptly, where they found a male victim who had been ejected from a vehicle during the collision.

The incident serves as a solemn reminder of the grave consequences that can arise from road accidents.

Collision and Ejection Result in Fatality

Tragedy struck on the N4 near Donkerhoek in Gauteng when two light motor vehicles collided.

Reports from the scene indicate that one of the vehicles overturned and rolled down an embankment, exacerbating the severity of the accident.


The collision led to a male occupant being forcefully ejected from the vehicle, resulting in fatal injuries.

The loss of life serves as a somber reminder of the importance of responsible driving and adherence to road safety measures.

Other Vehicle Occupants Suffer Minor Injuries

While the collision claimed the life of one individual, it also resulted in injuries to other occupants involved in the accident.

Emergency medical service provider Emer-G-Med reported that four individuals in the second vehicle sustained minor injuries.

These victims were fortunate to escape the collision with less severe harm, underscoring the importance of safety precautions and the potential for preventing further tragedies.


The series of incidents on the N4 near Watermeyer offramp and Donkerhoek in Gauteng highlight the ongoing challenges and risks faced by motorists on the roads.

The closure of the N4 due to a truck overturning demonstrates the need for timely road maintenance and repair to minimize disruptions caused by accidents.

Furthermore, the injuries sustained by an individual in the first incident serve as a reminder of the potential consequences of road accidents and the importance of emergency response teams in providing immediate medical assistance.


In the second incident, the fatality resulting from the collision near Donkerhoek is a tragic outcome that emphasizes the need for strict adherence to road safety measures.

The ejected male occupant’s death underscores the importance of wearing seat belts and maintaining control of vehicles to mitigate the risk of severe injuries or fatalities in accidents.

The minor injuries suffered by other occupants in the second vehicle serve as a reminder of the fortunate outcomes that can arise from responsible driving


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