Tributes for Citi Lyts’: ‘I will always love you’: Son Owethu at memorial service

Tributes for Citi Lyts’: ‘I will always love you’: Son Owethu at memorial service

On Thursday, February 17th, Sandile “DJ Citi Lyts” Mkhize’s family gathered at Pace Community College in Soweto to commemorate his life.
On Monday, February 14th, DJ Citi Lyts was fatally shot in the early hours of the morning. He was shot eight times, according to estimates.
“I can confirm that Sandile passed away at 12:30 a.m.,” stated Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini, a family spokeswoman, to Drum Magazine.

“They were ambushed and that is ambushed that is the best way to put it. They coupled up; four guys came out of nowhere, stopped them, and shot them in their heads. They fought as much as they can, and the guys shot them. I can’t confirm how many they were in the car yet, but this happened at Dube, Soweto,” continued Dlamini.

DJ Citi Lyts son, Owethu spoke about how heartbroken he is to celebrate his birthday without his dad for the first time – at the memorial service.

“Dear dad, I know you didn’t want to leave me this soon, my birthday is next month, and I am sad that you won’t be there. Thank you for being the best, so please walk the path with me from here on and be there for me, I will always love you,” he said.

Musician Fifi Cooper also spoke about the DJ at the memorial service.

“We’re here to celebrate a friend, a brother. I don’t even know where to begin … with the little time that I spent with him, I was with him from 2015 to 2017 and the brother, living in the same house, using the same studio every day … they always gave me that sister and brother love,” she said.
“I’ve learned a lot from him … I will forever have that in my heart,” she continued.

DJ Citi Lyts father was not able to attend the service but family friend Kefilwe explained why.

“He is not in a good space, in 2018 he lost his son Linda, last year he buried his wife and now Sandile, the family hasn’t had time to heal from these incidents, they’ve been hit hard,” she said.

Clothing line Amakipkip honoured the DJ with tribute merchandise. Amakipkip is releasing 100 exclusive T-shirts – that cost R800 each to raise R80,000 to give to the family.