Treasure Hunting in Kansas: Tales of the Krasnesky Manor’s Hidden Riches

Treasure Hunting in Kansas: Tales of the Krasnesky Manor’s Hidden Riches

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Victorian Manor Unveils Hidden Treasures: Couple’s Fascinating Discoveries and Animal Sanctuary


A couple from Kansas shares their extraordinary journey of uncovering hidden treasures and unraveling the mysteries of a 140-year-old Victorian manor they purchased two years ago.

Thad and Robin Krasnesky turned the historic home into a sanctuary for rescued animals, using it as a haven for cats, raccoons, fish, and even rats.

As they documented their experiences online, the manor continued to astound followers with its well-preserved history and intriguing past owners.

The Enigmatic Krasnesky Manor:

The Krasneskys moved into the grand house in 2021, having fallen in love with it a decade earlier.

Thad, emotionally invested in the purchase, described the house’s undeniable charm.


Their arrival just before Christmas marked the beginning of their journey, accompanied by the arrival of family members.

Amid the chaos, the couple made their first captivating discovery—a Civil War presentation cane and a pocket watch, both of which were eventually returned to the owner’s heirs.

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A Treasure Trove of Secrets:

The house gradually unveiled its hidden secrets to the Krasneskys.

They stumbled upon a box filled with equestrian ribbons from the 1930s and a collection of old license plates from the 1960s, carefully tucked away on basement shelves.

The attic held surprises as well, including a cache of silver coins found behind a loose floorboard.

To their surprise, the attic had also become a temporary residence for a family of raccoons.

Despite the unconventional tenants, the couple ensured their welfare and even decorated the attic space for Christmas.


Unearthing History:

Throughout the manor, the Krasneskys discovered captivating artifacts such as books dating back to 1907, including Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

Underneath another floorboard, they stumbled upon a satchel containing more coins, this time from the 1890s.

The couple excitedly shared their ongoing journey with their online followers, recounting the attempt to unlock a mysterious box using a collection of keys found in a cabinet.

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While their feline companion, Simon, assisted in the endeavor, the mystery remained unsolved.

The Enigmatic Hidden Room:

Among the manor’s greatest mysteries was a hidden room discovered by Thad during the removal of old shelving in the basement.

The room had been sealed off and filled with four feet of dirt, leaving the Krasneskys puzzled as to its purpose.


They questioned why such substantial limestone walls were constructed only to be backfilled with soil.

Determined to uncover the room’s secrets, Thad, with the help of friends, embarked on the task of removing the accumulated dirt.

A Sanctuary Filled with Life:

Beyond the captivating discoveries, the Krasneskys turned their Victorian manor into a sanctuary for various animals.

In addition to their seven cats and the family of raccoons in the attic, the property became home to woodchucks, deer, a fox, coyotes, possums, skunks, crows, owls, and an abundance of birds and squirrels.

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The family embraced their dream home and its rich history, even hosting fundraisers for local organizations and planning future events to benefit animal rescues and the local library.


The journey of the Krasnesky family in their Victorian manor showcases the wonder and excitement that can accompany homeownership, particularly in an older property.


The discoveries of hidden treasures and the preservation of history create a sense of awe and appreciation for the past.

The couple’s commitment to providing a safe haven for animals adds a heartwarming aspect to their story, demonstrating their compassion and dedication.

The Krasneskys’ unique experiences serve as a reminder of the countless stories waiting to be discovered within the walls of historic homes.


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