Travis Scott’s Attorney Accuses Houston Police of Strategic Timing Amid Astroworld Tragedy and ‘Utopia’ Album Release

Travis Scott’s Attorney Accuses Houston Police of Strategic Timing Amid Astroworld Tragedy and ‘Utopia’ Album Release

One of Travis Scott’s attorneys, Kent Schaffer, strongly believes that the Houston police intentionally timed the release of their full investigation report on the Astroworld tragedy to coincide with the launch of Travis’ latest album, “Utopia.”


According to Schaffer, it was no mere coincidence that the police report, spanning 1,266 pages, was made public on the same day as Travis’ album release.

He contends that law enforcement was fully aware of the album’s drop date, as it had been widely publicized after Travis made an official announcement early in the week.

Schaffer alleges that the motive behind this precise timing was to harm Travis’ album sales and deflect some criticism away from the police for not charging Travis with a crime.

Houston Police Deny Intentional Timing

In contrast to Schaffer’s assertions, the Houston Police Department has refuted any intentional timing in the release of their investigation report.


They maintain that it was purely coincidental that the report was made public on the same day as Travis Scott’s album release.

Impact on Travis’ Fans and Album Sales

Despite the alleged intentional timing, Schaffer is skeptical about the report’s potential impact on Travis’ fans or the sales of his album.


He appears confident that the loyal fanbase will not be swayed, and the album’s commercial success will remain unaffected.

Disputing the Report’s Contents

Travis’ lawyer is also challenging some of the report’s contents, particularly a statement from a security guard.


The guard claimed that he attempted to get Travis’ team to halt the show during Drake’s performance but was instructed to wait until Drake finished.

Schaffer rejects this claim, asserting that all crowd injuries occurred 30 minutes before Drake took the stage, and nobody brought it to Travis’ attention.

He suggests that the police could have stopped the concert earlier if they deemed it necessary.

Travis’ Compliance and Legal Outcome

Travis Scott informed the police that he was directed through his earpiece to stop the show after Drake left the stage.

According to his attorney, Travis followed all instructions, which was one of the reasons he was not charged with a crime.


Both during the investigation and the subsequent grand jury proceedings, opinions expressed to Travis’ attorney indicated that the police did not find any criminal liability on Travis’ part.

The grand jury’s decision further supported this, as they declined to indict the rapper for the 10 deaths at the Astroworld event.

Nevertheless, Travis still faces several lawsuits from victims and their families seeking justice through civil courts.

Police’s Intent Behind Detailed Report

Schaffer finds the extensive size and scope of the released documents unusual.

He suggests that the police may have intended to demonstrate to the public and the victims’ families that they conducted a thorough investigation into the tragic incident.


Emotional Impact on Victims’ Families

Conversely, an attorney representing a family who lost their child at the concert expresses deep emotions following the report’s release.

The attorney states that it serves as a stark reminder of the terror, devastation, and horror that took away their loved one.

The family’s feelings range from sadness and anger to unwavering determination in their pursuit of justice, whether through criminal or civil court proceedings.

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