Transport Chaos Expected as Unite, Aslef, and RMT Unions Unleash Strikes on London Underground

Transport Chaos Expected as Unite, Aslef, and RMT Unions Unleash Strikes on London Underground

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. On July 26 and 28, a significant number of employees from Unite, including those in engineering, maintenance, and management positions, have announced their intention to go on strike.


They are taking this action due to concerns over potential changes to their pensions and working conditions.

Aslef’s Strike Notice

Aslef, the union representing the majority of Tube drivers, has also declared a strike on the same days.

Their primary reasons for the strike are fears of alterations to their pension plans and working conditions.


This simultaneous strike action by both Unite and Aslef will significantly impact the functioning of the London Underground.

RMT’s Rolling Action

Adding to the disruption, the RMT union has called for a week-long “rolling” action, affecting approximately 10,000 station staff.

With the overlapping strikes and the RMT’s involvement, the situation becomes more complex, leaving Transport for London with limited options but to close down a significant portion of the network for the majority of the week.

Unite’s Demands

Unite is demanding specific guarantees to address their concerns.

Firstly, they are calling for assurances that there will be no increase in employee contributions to the pension scheme.


Secondly, they seek a commitment to maintaining current employer contributions. Lastly, Unite wants to ensure that there will be no reduction in the benefits provided by the pension fund.

Job Security and Government Funding Cuts

In addition to pension-related demands, Unite is also seeking a guarantee of no job losses within the London Underground, especially in light of recent government funding cuts.

The union emphasizes the importance of these guarantees to protect the interests of its members.

Unite’s Stance

Sharon Graham, the general secretary of Unite, firmly asserts that the union’s members on the London Underground will not tolerate any attacks on their pensions or job security.

She emphasizes the need for “copper bottomed guarantees” from Transport for London, stating that without these assurances, the strike action will persist, with Unite providing unwavering support to its workers.


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