Train Passengers Face Potential Loss of Free Wifi Access as Cost-Saving Measures Considered

Train Passengers Face Potential Loss of Free Wifi Access as Cost-Saving Measures Considered

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Train passengers in England could potentially lose access to free wifi on trains as the Department for Transport (DfT) examines whether the service delivers optimal value for money.


Most train services in the country currently offer complimentary wifi, enabling passengers to connect their devices to the internet without incurring data charges.

Survey Prioritizes Other Factors

The DfT’s decision was influenced by a survey conducted by passenger watchdog Transport Focus, which revealed that access to free wifi ranked lower in priority for travelers compared to factors such as fare affordability, reliability, punctuality, and personal security.

Reported Review by Christian Wolmar

Railway historian Christian Wolmar initially reported the review of wifi access on his podcast, Calling All Stations.

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Expressing frustration, Wolmar highlighted the importance of encouraging rail use and attracting commuters.

He emphasized that passengers enjoy utilizing their laptops and phones on trains for work-related activities, and if reliable wifi is unavailable, they may consider resorting to using their cars instead.

Importance of Wifi for Passengers

Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus, stated that access to wifi is now an expected standard for many passengers.


It enables them to utilize their travel time more productively and could potentially incentivize more people to choose rail travel over other modes of transportation.

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Given the post-pandemic need to regain passenger numbers, removing something that enhances rail attractiveness to customers would be challenging to justify.

DfT’s Perspective

A DfT spokesperson acknowledged the current financial challenges faced by the railways and the need for comprehensive reform.

They mentioned that passenger surveys consistently show that on-train wifi is a lower priority for travelers.

Therefore, it is reasonable to collaborate with operators to evaluate whether the existing wifi service delivers the best value for money.

Consideration for Short Journeys and Equipment Upgrades

The DfT highlighted that many passengers on short journeys prefer using their phones without connecting to onboard wifi.

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Additionally, to maintain wifi availability on numerous trains, it may be necessary to replace or upgrade equipment that was installed in 2015.

Conclusion: Balancing Financial Sustainability and Passenger Expectations

As the DfT explores measures to address the railways’ financial sustainability, the availability of free wifi on trains is under scrutiny.


While some argue that wifi is essential to attract passengers and improve their travel experience, the DfT cites passenger surveys indicating that wifi is of lower importance.

As the review progresses, striking a balance between cost-saving measures and meeting passenger expectations will be crucial.

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