Tragic Death of Watch Dealer Oliver White After High-Value Robbery

Tragic Death of Watch Dealer Oliver White After High-Value Robbery

The tragic story of Oliver White, a watch dealer found dead 24 hours after a high-value jewelry raid, has left his family and friends devastated. White, who worked at 247 Kettles in Richmond, South-West London, was the victim of a violent robbery.

The incident occurred last Saturday when two unarmed thieves entered the store and stole watches worth millions.

Security footage revealed the terrifying moment one of the robbers restrained White in a chokehold while the other swept dozens of watches into a backpack.

Family’s Heartbreaking Statement

Following this traumatic event, Oliver returned to his family home in Shepperton, Middlesex, deeply distressed and unable to speak. His family believes the trauma from the attack led him to take his own life.

In a statement to Surrey Police, they expressed their grief: “Our son Oliver returned home from his place of work on Saturday traumatized and unable to speak.

He had been the victim of a terrifying attack and high-value robbery at his place of work, which was later shared widely on social media.

Sadly, it is our belief that Oliver subsequently took his own life due to the anguish and distress of this terrible incident.”

Friends Recall Oliver’s Worries

Oliver, known affectionately as Olli, was described by friends as deeply affected by the robbery. One friend told MailOnline, “He was very depressed after the robbery and was filled with a lot of worry, especially after it was established that around £2.8 million worth of watches had been stolen.

Olli was petrified that he could lose all that he owns and that they might even take his mother’s house.”

Financial and Emotional Strain

The robbery not only caused emotional trauma but also financial uncertainty. Concerns about the extent of insurance coverage added to Olli’s distress.

A friend mentioned, “He wasn’t sure if the insurance would have covered the theft or if there was any insurance at all. The robbery left him broken and combined with the financial uncertainty over who would be responsible, he couldn’t see another way out.

Olli took it very personally and really believed that he would get all the blame and that it would ruin him.”

Impact on Loved Ones

Oliver lived with his mother Amy and stepfather Mark in Shepperton. The family, alongside Olli’s heartbroken girlfriend, Alana Dredge, is struggling to cope with the loss.

A family friend shared, “They are going through an incredible amount of pain, and it’s going to take them a long time to get over this.

Olli was a wonderful son and partner to Alana, and they had dreams about building a life together, but tragically, this robbery has taken this all away.”

Alana Dredge’s Emotional Tribute

Alana Dredge, devastated by Oliver’s death, shared her grief on Instagram, posting a photo of them together taken just two weeks before his death. She wrote, “My darling boy, I can’t believe you’re gone. This was our last photo together.

This was only 2 weeks ago and now I’ll never see you again. The last thing you said to me was ‘I love you.’ I will cherish you forever.

Being with you was the best 6 years of my life. I hope you are reading this from up there, I will continue to make you proud.”

Dreams Shattered

Alana revealed their plans to buy their first home together and vowed to fulfill that dream in his memory: “We were saving to buy our first home together, and I will buy the house you exactly wanted, and it’ll be your home.”

She continued to express her overwhelming grief, stating, “I don’t know how I’ll do life without you, my whole world has ended.

My life will never be the same again. I can’t explain how much I love you. I will never stop loving you. I’m so numb I can’t cry anymore.”

Seeking Support

The tragic end of Oliver White’s life highlights the devastating impact of violent crime.

For those affected by similar issues, confidential support is available through organizations like Samaritans, which can be reached at 116 123, or through their website, Another resource is The CALM Zone, offering support through their website,


Oliver White’s untimely death is a stark reminder of the profound emotional and psychological effects that trauma can have. His family and friends are left to navigate their immense grief and loss, holding onto memories of a young man who brightened every room he entered and had dreams for a future now tragically cut short.