Toyin Abraham Expresses Gratitude for Fan’s Support and Receives APC Award

Toyin Abraham Expresses Gratitude for Fan’s Support and Receives APC Award

…By for TDPel Media. Award-winning actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi recently shared her emotions about a fan’s reaction to her earlier disturbing post on Twitter.


In the tweet, Toyin expressed feeling confused and tired, which drew mixed reactions from her followers.

While some criticized her for supporting the ruling government, others reached out to check up on her well-being.

Fan’s Touching Note:

Amid the responses, one particular act touched Toyin’s heart deeply.


She received a short note from a fan while she was at the bank.

The fan acknowledged Toyin’s tweet and reassured her that everything would be alright.

The actress shared this heartfelt note on Instagram and expressed her gratitude to her fans for their constant support and concern.

She clarified that her previous post was related to production stress and not a personal issue.

Toyin specifically thanked the lady who dropped the note at the bank, emphasizing that it meant a lot to her.


Gratitude for APC Award:

In another piece of news, Toyin Abraham was honored by the APC Youth Stakeholders Forum for her contributions towards the success of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The forum recognized celebrities who worked tirelessly during the elections and decided to award Toyin for her outstanding efforts.

In response to the recognition, Toyin penned an appreciation note on Twitter, expressing her gratitude to the Progressive Youths for the award.


Toyin Abraham’s emotional tweet and the subsequent support from her fans demonstrate the strong bond between her and her followers.

The touching note from a fan serves as a reminder of the positive impact celebrities can have on their admirers.


Additionally, Toyin’s acknowledgment of the APC award shows her commitment to contributing to the political process and her appreciation for being recognized for her efforts.

Through both challenging and celebratory moments, Toyin Abraham remains grateful for the love and support from her fans and the opportunities to make a difference in various aspects of her life.

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