MP Luke Evans Exposes ‘Cyberflashing’ Incident: Caught in Westminster Honeytrap Scheme, Takes Action Against Malicious Communications

British Member of Parliament Luke Evans has come forward with revelations about being ensnared in what has been termed the ‘Westminster honeytrap’ scandal.

He disclosed that he received an explicit photo of a naked woman while in the company of his wife, marking the initiation of a series of malicious communications.

Targeted During Personal Moments

Dr. Luke Evans, representing the constituency of Bosworth, shared that the incident occurred approximately a month ago when he was with his wife.

The unsolicited photo arrived via WhatsApp, prompting him to report the matter to the authorities and the chief whip the following day.

Persistence of Harassment

Following the initial incident, Evans revealed that he continued to receive further messages approximately ten days later.

This time, he was with his team in his constituency office, enabling them to document the conversations and capture evidence of additional explicit images.

Taking a Public Stand

In a video shared on Facebook, Evans expressed his intention to keep the matter private due to the ongoing police investigation.

However, persistent media inquiries prompted him to go public, hoping to encourage others who may have experienced similar incidents to come forward.

Initiating Police Action

Evans emphasized the importance of reporting such incidents promptly, highlighting his decision to blow the whistle and report the matter to the authorities.

Leicestershire Police confirmed they were investigating the report of malicious communications and reassured that inquiries were ongoing.

Context of Westminster Honeytrap Saga

The revelation comes amidst a broader scandal involving William Wragg, who admitted to his involvement in a Westminster honeytrap plot.

Reports emerged of influential figures receiving unsolicited messages from a user posing as ‘Abi’ or ‘Charlie’, shedding light on the extent of the scheme’s reach within political circles.

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