‘Top Boy’actor Araloyin Oshunremi hint fans of what to come in the final season

‘Top Boy’actor Araloyin Oshunremi hint fans of what to come in the final season

Loneliness on Set: A New Beginning for Araloyin Oshunremi In the summer of 2022, Araloyin Oshunremi, the breakout star of “Top Boy,” embarked on a new season of filming. However, this time, he found himself in a solitary situation. The 19-year-old actor reflects on the stark change, “The first day on set, I looked around me and I realized everyone I was with in the first two seasons, I’m not with anymore.” This isolation, he believes, contributed to his character’s development, mirroring his character’s loneliness in the story.

Stefan Tovell’s Evolution: From Boy to Man Oshunremi portrays Stefan Tovell, a character who has undergone significant growth since his introduction as a young and inexperienced individual when the show was rebooted in 2019. Stefan, the younger brother of Jamie, faces the harsh reality of gang violence, witnessing the deaths of family and friends. Oshunremi explains, “The first season to now, we see Stef become a man. We see him mature quite a lot and have to make decisions, but have to actually think about the decisions before he makes [them].”

A Season of Revenge: Stef’s Journey In this new season, Stefan grapples with the loss of his brother Jamie, who was tragically shot at the end of season two. Seeking revenge becomes the driving force behind his character’s arc. Oshunremi hints at the challenges of portraying this darker side of Stefan, including learning to handle a gun realistically.

Character Influence: Stef’s Impact on Oshunremi The character of Stefan has left a profound mark on Oshunremi’s life. He admits, “So many decisions in life that I make now, I feel like Stef has an influence in it. He values family a lot. He takes family very seriously. But not just like blood family, his friends as well.” Oshunremi also acknowledges a personal transformation, humor-wise, attributing it to the influence of his character.

The Emotional Farewell: Playing Stef for the Last Time Oshunremi shares the emotional experience of realizing he was playing Stefan for the last time after wrapping up filming. He describes the silence that followed and the realization that it was time to bid farewell to a character he had grown so close to.

From Football Dreams to Acting Stardom Before his acting career, Oshunremi aspired to be a footballer. His journey into acting began unexpectedly when he stumbled upon an open-call casting for “Top Boy” after leaving a local barbershop. This opportunity marked the start of his acting career.

Impact on Fans: Messages of Gratitude Despite being unable to watch “Top Boy” when he first started, Oshunremi now receives heartfelt messages from fans. He shares the emotional impact of reading messages from fans who have been positively influenced by his role.

Parallels with Hackney: Community and Gentrification Growing up in Hackney, Oshunremi’s life had some parallels with the show’s Summerhouse estate. He discusses the strong sense of community in both settings, highlighting the supportive network of parental figures and friends. Additionally, he acknowledges the gentrification that has transformed Hackney in recent years, blending old and new elements in the neighborhood.

Top Boy’s Cultural Significance As “Top Boy” prepares for its final season, Oshunremi recognizes its significant impact. The show has garnered numerous awards and acclaim, becoming synonymous with gritty London drama and a platform for outstanding British acting talent. Oshunremi is proud of the show’s role in paving the way for black British actors in the industry.

The Final Chapter: “Top Boy” on Netflix Finally, Oshunremi announces that “Top Boy” will be available for streaming on Netflix starting from September 7, marking the conclusion of this influential serie

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