Top 8 Health Apps For Everyday Health Care

The medical industry has undergone some improvements as a result of the surge in technological innovation. In today’s medical world, we have advancements like robotic surgery, healthcare trackers, and efficient medicine development.

Robotic surgery is a relatively new concept. In addition, as the number of people using mobile phones and the internet grows, telemedicine is becoming the new go-to for many patients.

Apps that provide medical advice and diagnosis by phone are available. In the event of geographic or other limitations, these can act as a virtual checkup platform. There are, however, only a few trustworthy apps out there.

Let us define precisely, what a common man understands about healthcare apps and his awareness of their potential benefits.

What do you mean by the term “healthcare apps”?

Using health and wellness applications falls under the health category. Even though the two are fairly similar, there are significant differences between them.

It’s a smartphone app that helps or monitors a user’s overall health. All aspects of health, including mental, physical, social, and environmental, can be managed with these apps.

Health Care Apps’ Advantages

Health and wellness applications are becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that mobile medical apps are no longer news. There must be a slew of medical apps available. By 2021, there will be over 350 000 m-healthcare apps available on the app market, up from 155,000 in 2015.

Most healthcare professionals use health apps to access electronic records, communicate with colleagues, or just manage their schedules at work.

These apps range in price from a few dollars for a one-time download to $10 or more a month for a recurring subscription.

Benefits include better self-management, record-keeping, and communication with your doctors. These applications have the potential to motivate users to take a more active role in their health and, as a result, reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

Even though many smartphone apps are free, how can you tell if a paid or “premium” app is worth your time and cash?

You may want to take it for a test to see if any of the new features work for you before making a final decision. It’s possible to keep track of your regular habits with free apps, though. This can assist you in making more informed choices.

Healthcare Apps Helping Digitally

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular health applications, which have received hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

1. HealthTap

When it comes to finding solutions to medical queries, this app will be a blessing for anyone who is always Googling their way through a seemingly endless list of symptoms and concerns.

Post your query on the app and a doctor will respond within 24 hours if you can’t find an answer elsewhere. Have a question that has to be answered quickly? You can pay for a faster response if you choose.

In addition, you may arrange live consultations with doctors, dentists, and psychiatrists; examine your lab results; and manage your medications using the app.

2. Medisafe Pill Minder

Helps you keep track of your meds using Medisafe Pill Minder and Tracker It’s available on both Android and iOS, and it includes features like appointment reminders and scheduling. You can use it to keep tabs on your fitness, too. Additional notification sounds and measurement tools are available for a modest price.

3. Marham. pk

Marham – Find a Doctor is the Online Healthcare system for the people of Pakistan. Specifically, it aims to address the health and medical concerns of patients and professionals alike. It can assist you in locating nearby medical Professionals, such as Physicians and Consultants. It is connecting Pakistani doctors and patients via telemedicine to ensure the greatest possible healthcare service for the country’s citizens.

Among Marham’s distinctive features are:

  • Book an Appointment Anytime from Anywhere
  • Access To The Best Doctors In The Country Through Online Consultations
  • Do you have a pressing need for immediate assistance? The “Call Doctor Now” feature can help you get immediate medical attention.
  • There are no additional fees for using these services

They take your privacy and security very seriously when you arrange an appointment with Marham, whether it’s a video consultation or an in-person consultation. No one but Marham has access to the patient’s records or personal information.

4. WebMD

WebMD is one of the most popular healthcare apps worldwide. A symptom checker, medical reminders, and a list of nearby doctors are just some of the features that make this app so useful.

Prescriptions, drug effects, research therapies, and diagnostics can all be found here for the benefit of the user. Huge numbers of people are turning to WebMD to learn about their medical needs.

5. Teladoc

A patient’s condition may necessitate the services of an expert on certain diseases. Teladoc is a service that connects patients with professionals for specific medical conditions. Allows people to make an appointment and then conduct the meeting via a web-based video-conferencing service.

To receive a second opinion, people can use Teladoc, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, the software may deliver personalized recommendations to each patient based on their medical history.

6. Doctor on demands

When it comes to getting answers to queries and scheduling appointments with a doctor via video conferencing, this app is medically certified.

In spite of its lack of emergency care, this app provides an excellent option to communicate with a doctor via video conference and receive medical treatment for your flu or sports injury.

7. EyeCare Live

A doctor is connected to you through this app, and you are tasked with taking various photos and videos of your eyes to verify your condition. If you have dry eyes, allergies, or issues about your contact lenses, this app can be a valuable source of information.

8. mySymptoms

Is it something you ate? Take a look at what you’re eating and your bowel motions and other symptoms with the mySymptoms app.

For people who suspect allergies or digestive issues, this tool can be a valuable resource. You can talk to your doctor about your worries using this app, which is available on both iOS and Android. The premium edition includes additional features.


It’s possible that apps can help you reevaluate your approach to health and put you in charge of taking proactive (and beneficial) measures before minor issues become major ones. As with any medical treatment, you should always consult your healthcare practitioner before using any app.

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