Top 5 Manufacturers in Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is a yellow t-clear vegetable oil obtained by processing soybean seeds. Soybean oil is rising in popularity and purchases as many people focus on sustainable products to help them address different conditions. The soybean oil is extracted from the soybean plant with no chemicals added to boost potency. The oil can be essential for other cooking, just like ordinary oils.

Due to the rising demand, many soybean oil producers are globally, hence the selection challenge. In a market flooded with products, you need to select products from different companies with experience and goals of producing purely organic products. Here are some of the leading producers of soybean oil globally.

The market overview

Every continent has a company producing plant-based oils such as Soybean oil. Based on statistics, the Asian market is the largest, with most companies located in China, Malaysia, and Singapore. The second is the United States, with over five globally recognized companies producing soybean oil.

The U.S. soybean oil market continues to grow as new companies venture into the space to support the global mission to promote sustainability. China produces about 27% soybean oil worldwide, followed by the United States at 19%, and Argentina and Brazil producing 15%. Despite some regions leading in production, today, the oil is available globally since the leading companies ship their products to every location globally. 

  • Cargill Incorporated

This is the brand to consider if you desire quality products from one of the most experienced companies. This company was formed in 1865 and had vast experience producing quality and sustainable products. The company produces a wide range of products in different markets, such as food, agriculture, industrial products, and other services demanded by the market.

The most significant product portfolios are the oils and fats; they produce a wide range of oils, soybean oil. The company outsources its raw materials from all non-GMO and pure organic products to obtain soybean oil. The oil also undergoes chemical-free manufacturing using technologies that limit cholesterol levels. When you use the oil for cooking, you will likely retain the original food’s flavor since the oil is pure with no impurities. 

  • Bunge limited

This is another most experienced and oldest company manufacturing different oil products. It has been in operation since 1818, with headquarters in Missouri, United States, and is one of the world’s largest processors of oils from different seeds. Besides soybean oil, it also manufactures other organic and sustainable oils such as coconut, sunflower, and olive. Besides human-related products, it also produces animal products but mainly focuses on protein products such as plant-based proteins, oils, and margarine. 

As one of the world’s leading producers of protein-based products, the manufacturer focuses more on partnerships with the farmers to ensure they promote sustainability and environmental practices. The brand aims to promote sustainable dieting and farming in the United States.

  • Archer Daniels Midland Company

This is another company from the United States producing the highest quality products from agricultural products. The company produces products such as oils, supplements, beverages, and pet nutrition. Sustainability is one of the most significant commitments for the company since it widely exploits the power of nature to produce top-quality products to enrich consumers’ lifestyles.

The soybean oil from the company is nutritious and natural though it adds additional ingredients to boost potency and nutritional value to the consumers. However, the emphasis is on using all-organic products to ensure it meets its goals of preserving the taste and flavors of prepared foods. These oils contain highly demanded and essential fatty acids considered suitable for dealing with heart-related conditions. If you love cooking, these oils will be necessary for baking, deep frying, roasting, and preparing sauces. 

  • Wilmar International Limited

This company has won multiple awards for producing the highest quality products. The company has a broad product portfolio to produce some healthiest and most demanded products, such as rice, wheat flour, noodles, sauces, sugar, and different oils. Headquartered in Singapore and Malaysia, the company focuses on global outreach to ensure the global population can access sustainable oils such as soybean oil which is essential for dealing with such problems as obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses. 

It controls the supply chain process to ensure it outsources suitable materials and redistributes all organic products giving no room for counterfeiters to sell fake products. It is the leading producer of plant-based oils and fats. 

  • Louis Dreyfus Company B.V.

This European-based company has operated since 1851, with headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is one of the leading merchants and producers of agricultural products. The company also focuses on processed products such as oils from different plants and animals. 

The oil is a suitable product for cooking, salad dressing, and preparation of other processed goods. Sustainability is crucial for the company since it produces all-natural oils from organically produced plants.

The company sells its oil in over 40 countries globally and targets to sell its products to over 1 billion people by 2025. This commitment is due to the desire to promote a sustainable lifestyle and dieting. It considers customer demands and needs to ensure it outsources the best raw materials to promote sustainability.  


For those who need sustainable diets and living healthy, it is the best oil to help you prepare the most nutritious meals. The oils are extracted from purely plant products, which can help you deal with different conditions. Before you purchase the oils, ensure you get them from one of the listed companies so you do not get fake products. 

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