Top 5 Car Camping Gear and Accessories

Top 5 Car Camping Gear and Accessories

Car camping is becoming more popular. As an inexpensive alternative to hiring a campground or pitching a tent, car camping allows you to explore more, park nearly anywhere (within the law), and wake up to stunning vistas and lovely sunrises. Furthermore, because a car provides more excellent shelter than a tent, your camping season may be prolonged through September and October, as staying warm in the car during the depths of winter is much simpler.

However, like any camping trip, having the proper gear is crucial. And while car camping requires much less equipment, there are a few essentials you will need.

The mattress is likely the most crucial, and selecting one that will provide a level, comfortable bed to sleep on may make or break a trip, so choose wisely. Your bedding choice is also important: some people like a duvet and pillow, while a quality thermal sleeping bag is required in colder weather.

Then there are the extras that will make your car camping trip more enjoyable. Consider a side or tailgate awning, which provides a “living space” just beyond your car doors and some decent electronics, such as portable speakers, lights, and a power bank to charge your gadgets while you’re not driving.

This article highlights the top 5 car camping accessories to invest in this year.

Outwell Dreamhaven Self-inflating Mattress 

Choosing the appropriate mattress is critical for any vehicle camping trip, and this self-inflating choice from Outwell’s camping enthusiasts is fantastic. Its innovative two-way valve system is so simple to use that there’s no need to struggle with stiff, fussy plastic bits. Self-inflation isn’t very successful at first, but with a pump (or a few deep breaths) to get it going, it can inflate itself in two to four minutes.

This 10cm deep, self-inflating mattress is made of a soft, quiet, non-slip fabric, so you won’t be woken up mid-sleep by rustling and won’t slip down if your car is parked on a little incline. You’ll need some strength to roll it up because deflation isn’t as successful as inflation (we needed a pump to suck the air out), but it fits nicely back into its travel bag once folded up.

Vango Cove II Low Awning 

This awning tent is a beautiful complement to your vehicle camping setup for serious car campers planning a long-stay car camping trip, especially when you do not own a large vehicle like the Land Rover Discovery 4. It is substantial and heavy, so it will require at least two people to assemble. It attaches to the side or tailgate of your vehicle and has a tunnel-like path that provides passage from the car into the tent. It contains a tiny porch space for keeping your shoes dry and an attached groundsheet that keeps everything inside dry.

Its extended guy ropes may drape over discovery 2 roof rack to keep it in position, and when you wish to leave for the day, unhook the guy ropes, and the tent will stay in place until you return.

Sea To Summit 10L Folding Bucket

Camping without the advantage of plumbed-in water necessitates finding means to transfer water throughout your campground, whether for cooking, filling a shower tank, or whatever other water-required duties you may be conducting. While many inexperienced campers miss this area, veteran campers have spent enough nights in the woods to understand how valuable a decent big water transportation vessel is, which is why we recommend Sea to Summit’s Folding Bucket. This soft-sided, collapsible bucket, also available in a larger 20-liter capacity, is made of BPA-free, nonabsorbent, food-grade thermoplastic urethane-coated nylon with welded seams, a 420D nylon handle, and a 420D bottom panel that provides a sturdy foundation when complete. This 10-liter bucket may be packed away in a highly compact size due to its non-rigid structure when empty.

My Myfak Medic First Aid Kit

Spending time in nature may be unpredictable, and the unpleasant fact is that accidents can and will occur, which is why a first-aid kit is essential for anybody spending time off the grid, even vehicle campers. And, like a military medic field kit, this civilianized version includes everything you need to treat an injury while out in nature. It consists of a tourniquet, non-adherent gauze, QuikClot, wound-closure strips, Povidone wipes, Endurolytes Fizz Tablets, burns dressing, aspirin, Dramamine, Ammonia Wipe, a nasal airway (and lube), and a variety of scalpels and sutures.

This complete FSA/HSA and OSHA/ANSI-approved first aid kit comes in a military-inspired waterproof 600D nylon bag with MOLLE webbing and D-ring attachments and is available in five colors, including black, OD, and Coyote.

Lodge Cook-It-All

Car camping offers the bonus of allowing you to bring along items that you would usually leave at home, and with a weight of just shy of 31lbs, the Cook-It-All from Lodge Cast Iron is one such product. 


Car camping, unlike camping on foot, enables a broader range of gear to make for a much more pleasant journey. Including some of these accessories impact a camping trip, increasing comfort and cleanliness and delivering a much more sophisticated experience.

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