Titanic Director James Cameron Criticizes US Coast Guard for Excluding Him from Submersible Probe

Titanic Director James Cameron Criticizes US Coast Guard for Excluding Him from Submersible Probe

Famed filmmaker and Titanic expert James Cameron has publicly criticized the US Coast Guard for not consulting him during the ongoing investigation into the Titan submersible disaster.

Despite volunteering as an expert witness over a year ago, Cameron claims he has been overlooked in the probe into the tragedy that claimed five lives in June 2023.

The Titan Submersible Tragedy

In June 2023, the OceanGate Titan submersible embarked on a mission to explore the wreck of the Titanic, located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Onboard were OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, billionaire explorer Hamish Harding, Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his teenage son Suleman, and Titanic expert Paul-Henri Nargeolet, who was also a friend of Cameron.

Tragically, the submersible vanished two hours into its journey, and remnants of the craft were later found near the Titanic’s hull.

Cameron’s Expertise

James Cameron, who directed the 1997 blockbuster film “Titanic,” is a seasoned deep-sea explorer with 33 dives to the Titanic wreck under his belt.

His extensive knowledge and experience with submersibles make him a valuable resource for any investigation into such incidents.

In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Cameron expressed frustration over being excluded from the investigation by the US Coast Guard.

“I’ve volunteered to the investigative committee at the Coast Guard,” Cameron stated. “They should be inviting me but they’re not. Why listen to a scientist?”

Criticism of the Investigation

Cameron did not hold back in his criticism of the US Coast Guard’s handling of the investigation. He suggested that the authorities might be avoiding outside opinions to save face.

“I think they want to do things their way and frankly I think they’ve kind of got egg on their face and they don’t want outside opinions.

That’s just my interpretation,” he remarked.

He also criticized the entire mission, asserting that it should never have been allowed. “These guys broke the rules. It’s that simple. They should not have been legally allowed to carry passengers.”

Handling of the Search and Rescue Effort

Cameron was particularly critical of the initial response when the submersible lost contact. He revealed that an “implosion event” had been detected early on, indicating that those onboard were likely already deceased.

Despite this, the search effort continued for days, leading the public to believe there was still hope for a rescue.

“I mean my jaw literally dropped open farther and farther each day that they never cautioned everybody,” Cameron said. “Everybody running around with their hair on fire when we knew right where the sub was.”

Family Impact

Cameron accused the Coast Guard of unnecessarily withholding information from the families of the victims. “I don’t think they lied,” he said. “I think they went by a procedure that was torturous for the family.

They just didn’t disclose. They were informed by naval intelligence that an implosion event was tracked to the coordinate of the Titanic wreck site.”

Call for Accountability

Cameron believes that legal actions should be taken, particularly against those responsible for the ill-fated mission.

While he acknowledged that the primary person responsible, Stockton Rush, perished in the disaster, he emphasized the need for regulatory changes.

“They didn’t have classification. Theoretically, they should not have been legally allowed to carry passengers,” he argued.

Future Plans

In honor of his late friend Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Cameron plans to return to the Titanic. He revealed plans to build a submersible capable of reaching 4000 meters, underscoring that safe exploration is possible if done correctly.

“I may even go back to Titanic in that sub, just to prove the point that if it’s done right, it can be done safely,” he said.


James Cameron’s pointed criticism of the US Coast Guard’s handling of the Titan submersible investigation sheds light on potential flaws and oversights in the process.

His call for greater accountability and his plans to continue deep-sea exploration highlight the ongoing importance of safety and expertise in such high-risk endeavors.

As the investigation continues, the voices of experts like Cameron remain crucial in preventing future tragedies.

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