President Tinubu Empowers 140 Officials to Oversee Ministerial Performance and Agency Deliverables

President Tinubu Empowers 140 Officials to Oversee Ministerial Performance and Agency Deliverables

President Tinubu’s Initiative: 140 Officials Tasked with Ministerial and Agency Performance Oversight

President Bola Tinubu has given the green light for the appointment of 140 government officials tasked with tracking and assessing the performance of ministers and heads of agencies.

This move is part of a comprehensive strategy to enhance transparency and efficiency in the government.

Key Details Shared by Central Delivery Coordination Unit

A senior official closely associated with the Central Delivery Coordination Unit, led by the Special Adviser to the President on Policy Coordination, Hadiza Bala-Usman, disclosed the details.

The appointed officers will be responsible for reviewing the performance of federal ministries, departments, and agencies, with the first assessment exercise scheduled for the end of this month.

Selection of Civil Servants for Assessment Role

The assessment will be conducted by civil servants drawn from 35 federal government ministries, departments, and agencies.

These officials are currently participating in the third technical retreat for delivery desk officers in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, focusing on the implementation of presidential priorities and ministerial deliverables.

Modalities of the Assessment Under Consideration

The assessment process involves the active participation of permanent secretaries and directors of planning, with four officials selected from each of the 35 ministries.

The ongoing retreat is dedicated to discussing the modalities of the assessment, key performance indicators, and reporting mechanisms.

Commitment to Deliver on Promises

Hadiza Bala-Usman emphasized President Tinubu’s commitment to delivering on promises made to the Nigerian people. She reiterated that ministers failing to meet their duties would face dismissal.

The delivery officers and directors of planning in ministries were urged to demonstrate total commitment.

Ministerial Progress Tracking and Reporting Mechanisms

Delivery officers were designated as the “engine room” responsible for providing constant feedback, tracking ministerial progress, and reporting challenges and bottlenecks to the central coordinating and delivery unit.

The performance assessment includes critical areas such as customer experience at airports, functionality of infrastructure, and outcomes of key interventions.

Ensuring Tangible Results in Key Sectors

Specific examples were cited, such as assessing the functionality of facilities at airports under the Ministry of Aviation and monitoring the growth of fertilizer use per hectare in agriculture.

The emphasis is on tangible results that directly impact citizens and contribute to the overall development of key sectors.