24-year-old TikTok star, her 46-year-old mother are arrested for the murder of the mother’s toyboy lover.

24-year-old TikTok star, her 46-year-old mother are arrested for the murder of the mother’s toyboy lover.

A 24-year-old TikTok influencer kisses her dad goodbye and blows him a kiss as she gets arrested with her 46-year-old mother for the death of her toyboy lover and his companion during a high-speed automobile chase.With contributions from Danya Bazaraa, Rhiannon James, and Natasha Anderson Time of last update: 13:06, September 1, 2023 EDT

A TikTok star blew a kiss to her dad as she was being arrested for life in jail for the murder of two men who were killed after a high-speed automobile pursuit.After Saqib Hussain threatened to disclose his affair with the mother by publishing their sex tape, social media creators Mahek Bukhari, 24, and Ansreen Bukhari, 46, devised a plan to silence him.

Hussain and his buddy Hashim Ijazuddin, both 21 years old, were killed in a 100 mph fireball disaster on February 11 of last year after their Skoda was deliberately pushed off the A46 dual carriageway near Leicester by perpetrators wearing balaclavas in two pursuing cars.Judge Timothy Spencer KC, who handed down the sentence today at Leicester Crown Court, called the 999 call heard “one of the most moving and distressing pieces of evidence ever heard in court.”The court called Mahek “self obsessed” as she sobbed as she was sentenced to a minimum of 31 years and 8 months in prison. Her mom is looking at a minimum of 26 years and 9 months in prison. The judge admonished Mahek, “You are oblivious to the damage you do,” after he informed her she had an inflated feeling of entitlement. Mahek, now 24 years old, boasted of having over 126,000 TikTok followers and another 43,000 on Instagram until her imprisonment 18 months ago.

The prosecution correctly characterized this case as one involving love, obsession, and extortion, he went on to say. They had good reason to label this murder as cold-blooded as well. He referred to the two as having created a “deadly maelstrom.”After Mr. Hussain threatened to reveal his long-running romance with Mahek’s mother Ansreen using sexually graphic material, Mahek allegedly joined the ambush.In a last ditch effort to avoid punishment, the daughter fabricated a story about seeing a car crash and placing the blame on two other vehicles.

Also found guilty and given life sentences are Rekhan Karwan, 29, and Raees Jamal, 23. Karwan’s minimum sentence is 26 years and 10 months; the time he spent on remand, 362, will be reduced from this total.It was not possible to disclose that Raees Jamal was being sentenced for rape until after his trial had completed. Manslaughter sentences have been handed out for the remaining defendants, including a 23-year-old named Natasha Akhtar, a 28-year-old named Ameer Jamal, and a 23-year-old named Sanaf Gulamustafa.The two victims, both aged 21, and their Skoda were being pursued by eight defendants in Audis and Seats.The court heard that in the early hours of February 11 last year, Mr. Ijazuddin’s Skoda Fabia’split in two’ and caught fire when he collided with a tree at the Six Hills crossroads.

Mahek Bukhari and her mother both disputed two counts of murder, and they are both from George Eardley Close in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.The Bukharis allegedly ‘lured’ Mr. Hussain to meet them in the Tesco car park in Hamilton, Leicester, under the guise of repaying the £3,000 Mr. Hussain claimed to have spent on bringing his lover out during their tryst.But Ansreen and Mahek came at the agreed meet-up along with the six others in two automobiles, an Audi TT and a Seat Leon.

Then, Mr. Hussain rode up to the parking lot in a Skoda Fabia driven by Mr. Ijuzaddin, who had offered to transport him as a “favor.”The Skoda Fabia entered the parking lot and promptly left, as captured by surveillance cameras, followed by an Audi TT and a Seat Leon two minutes later.After that, the automobiles got into a chase, with forensic collision investigators determining that the Audi had been traveling at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.It was estimated that the Skoda’s speed was greater than 80 mph at the time of the incident, which was not captured on CCTV.Mr. Hussain, a passenger in the front seat, called 999 to report that two automobiles behind their vehicle had ‘rammed them off the road’ before they were killed. The drivers of both cars wore balaclavas.

Mr. Hussain’s impassioned plea, “They’re right behind,” was heard by the jurors. They’re crashing into the trunk at high velocity. Please, I beseech you; otherwise, I shall perish.He claimed over and over that masked drivers were ramming the automobile from behind.Then there was a tremendous bang and he shouted.Police body cam footage from 1:35 a.m. on February 11 shows a burning Skoda Fabia against a tree in the center median of the A46 dual highway at Leicester’s Six Hills junction and the Six Hills Interchange.Firefighters observed “a body hanging out the remains of the nearside passenger seat,” but they were unable to save Mr. Hussain because of the intense heat from the blaze.

The jury heard that after firefighters put out the fire, the body of Mr. Ijazuddin was found as well, and that the only way the two men could be identified was by their “dental records.”Sajad Hussain, Mr. Hussain’s father, was in court with his other children and grandchildren and described his son as his “pride and joy” in a victim impact statement read by prosecutor Collingwood Thompson KC.The amount of happiness that Saqib brought into our lives was incalculable, he remarked.

Having him there in all his glory was a blessing.Everyone he met felt the warmth and light of his presence. Friends, family, and anybody else who met him adored him for his generous nature and selflessness. His mother, he said, “fell to the floor crying and screaming’my child, my child,'” after hearing the news that Saqib had been killed by the police.The trial has been a “never-ending nightmare that has shattered our lives,” Mr. Ijazuddin’s father Sikander Hayat told the courtroom.He regarded the accused in the dock and declared, “Hashim was innocent.” Completely blameless. Innocent without a doubt.He continued, “We have realized we would never be that carefree and happy again, and that has changed us.

My entire being is broken.What was the reason for his misfortune? Neither his killers nor whatever was waiting for him in the Tesco parking lot were known to him.The tragic loss of our son has devastated us. How terrifying it must have been for him in those final minutes. The two were abandoned to perish together. This news breaks my heart.Mr. Hussain had been having an affair with the older woman, who was married and had children, for three years prior to his death, according to information provided by his family to authorities.

The judge ruled that Saqib was ‘immature and temperamental’ and stated it was obvious that he was trying to blackmail Ansreen. He continued by saying that Ansreen Bukhari, as “the grown-up adult of this group,” was responsible for maintaining an adult demeanor. He claimed that Ansreen’s fears of her affair being revealed were more important than her ability to make sound decisions. He warned her that she had contributed to the worrying escalation of out-of-control events.

It was stated by Collingwood Thompson KC that Mr. Hussain ‘appeared to be in love’ with Mrs. Bukhari, whom he knew as Anzy, and that Mrs. Bukhari’s 24-year-old daughter was ‘knowing of the connection, and was happy to tolerate it, if not approve of it.Before Mahek was sentenced, her attorney Christopher Millington KC offered mitigation, saying that his client was’somewhat immature’ and had been put in a ‘invidious’ position because of her mother’s involvement, but that she had not anticipated the consequence.He explained that the Audi she was operating was a loaner that might be linked to her.The faces of Ansreen and Mahek Bukhari were never hidden by clothing or accessories.

An intent to kill is not proven by the evidence.As part of his mitigation, Patrick Upward KC stated that Ansreen had been a “respectable family woman” for a long time. According to him, “She was feeling the heat from Saqib.”The tension between them was finally shown through threats.At least once, Mahek removed a message sent by Saqib to Ansreen’s spouse, encouraging him to testify about what had been going on.”As a mature woman, as a mother, she knows the effect of what she has done,” the judge said. “Ansreen deceived a lot of people, including her husband, her son, her family, and her friends.” For the rest of her life, she will be haunted by her embarrassment.Detective Inspector Mark Parish, the case’s lead investigator from the Leicestershire Police, described the incident as “callous and cold-blooded.”At the close of the hearing, Judge Spencer issued a formal judicial appreciation to the members of the Leicestershire Police who had worked on the case and the family liaison officers who had worked with the victims.Mohammed Patel, another defendant, was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter in a previous trial.

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