Security Failures in Abuja Raise Alarms as Joint Task Force Struggles to Curb Kidnappings

Security Failures in Abuja Raise Alarms as Joint Task Force Struggles to Curb Kidnappings

Formation of Joint Task Force

In an effort to address armed robbery, kidnapping, and other criminal activities in the FCT, Minister Nyesom Wike announced the formation of a Joint Task Force three months ago.

This task force, comprised of various security agencies, was tasked with enhancing security and addressing concerns related to criminal activities.

Concerns Raised by Minister Wike

Minister Wike expressed concern over security issues in states bordering the FCT, emphasizing the need for a joint effort by security agencies to combat criminal activities.

He particularly highlighted challenges such as one-chance incidents and the presence of illegal motor parks.

Persistent Criminal Activities

Despite the establishment of the JTF, numerous residents have reported that criminal activities, including kidnappings, have not abated in Abuja.

Recently, a family of six was abducted, and one of the siblings, Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar, lost her life.

The incident has sparked widespread condemnation and raised questions about the effectiveness of security measures.

Former VP Atiku Abubakar’s Reaction

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar joined the conversation, expressing his sadness over Nabeeha’s brutal murder.

He called for a rejigging of the security architecture in the country to curb the free rein of bandits and guarantee the safety of lives and property.

Increasing Ransom Demands and Escalating Crimes

In a recent incident, kidnappers in Abuja killed three out of ten victims, escalating their ransom demand from N60 million to N100 million.

The rising trend of kidnappings has created anxiety among residents, prompting some to pay local vigilantes for protection.

Residents Living in Fear

Residents, especially those in satellite towns near neighboring states, are living in fear due to the surge in crime.

The once vibrant nightlife in Abuja has been impacted, with many residents adhering to early curfews to avoid potential dangers.

Financial Mobilization for Kidnapped Family

Former Minister Ali Pantami disclosed that N50 million has been mobilized for the release of the Al-Kadriyar family.

Despite these efforts, residents are anxiously awaiting concrete actions from the FCT minister to address the escalating security issues in the region.

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