Three Friends Hug Seconds Before Being Swept Away in Italian Flash Flood

Three Friends Hug Seconds Before Being Swept Away in Italian Flash Flood

This heart-wrenching incident occurred when three friends were tragically swept away during a flash flood in Italy.

Footage posted on X shows the poignant moment when Patrizia Cormos, 20, Bianca Doros, 23, and Cristian Molnar, 25, clung to each other in a desperate bid for survival.

They were thigh-deep in the churning waters of the Natisone River in Udine, Friuli region, moments before they disappeared.

The Last Walk

The three friends were last seen alive on Friday, enjoying a walk along the Natisone River. The river’s water levels surged dangerously after several days of heavy rain, leaving the group stranded on a tiny pebble island.

As the waters rose, they clutched each other, attempting to resist the powerful currents.

Desperate Rescue Attempts

Giorgio Basile, chief of the provincial firefighters in Udine, recounted to The Telegraph the desperate rescue attempts made to save the group. Basile threw them a rope, but the rising floodwaters swallowed them up as he watched helplessly.

The tragic moment was marked by their final embrace and the haunting realization that they were being swept away.

Discovery and Ongoing Search

On Sunday, two bodies, believed to be those of Ms. Cormos and Ms. Doros, were discovered about one kilometer from where they were last seen.

The search for Mr. Molnar continues, with the fire service vowing not to stop until he is found. The rescue operation has involved drones, boats, and divers scouring the river since Friday.

Final Call for Help

At 1:35 PM on Friday, one of the women made an emergency call to the police. Firefighters arrived quickly and, from a nearby bridge, instructed the friends to stick together for stability.

Despite these efforts, they were unable to hold on and were swept away as emergency services watched in horror.

Background of the Victims

Ms. Doros was visiting family in Italy from Romania with her boyfriend, Mr. Molnar, also Romanian. Ms. Cormos, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Udine, had asked her mother for permission to go on the trip after finishing an exam. Her mother, concerned for her tired daughter, had advised against it.

However, Ms. Cormos reassured her, saying they were just going to “hang out for a bit and take some photos.”

Emergency Response and Community Reaction

Local emergency workers have been tirelessly searching the river, recovering a handbag containing the mobile phone used to make the SOS call.

Michele De Sabata, a local mayor, expressed his condolences, highlighting the unpredictability of the river and the tragic timing of the friends’ visit.

He noted that the river’s rapid changes can catch even locals by surprise.

Widespread Impact of Severe Weather

This tragedy occurred amid weeks of severe storms and heavy rainfall that have inundated northern Italy. Emergency services have been rescuing people from their homes using dinghies, with many vehicles left submerged on the roads.

The Veneto region’s governor described the extreme weather as a “water bomb,” emphasizing the sudden and severe nature of the floods.

Broader Consequences

The popular tourist city of Milan has also been heavily affected, with flooding disrupting travel services after two rivers burst their banks.

This widespread flooding has created a state of emergency across the region, highlighting the devastating impact of the recent severe weather conditions.

This tragic incident underscores the unpredictable and often dangerous nature of sudden weather changes, and the profound impact such events can have on individuals and communities. T

he friends’ final moments, captured on video, serve as a heartbreaking reminder of the power of nature and the fragility of life.

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