Things You Can Enjoy With Your Child This Summer Vacation

Summer is when children have some time off with family and friends. The fact that there is a school summer break means that kids can finally spend quality time with their parents. 

However, this can also be a lot of time on their hands if not adequately planned for. With parents working or busy with other engagements, kids’ free time can be a significant issue.

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Planning each day and scheduling fun and productive activities is the way to go. Parents and guardians should be creative to know what would excite their kids and still help them learn something helpful. It doesn’t have to be complex as long as you know how to make things exciting and interesting. 

Below are a few things you can do;

1. Craft and Card Making

Your children will love making things using a recycled card. It doesn’t matter what age they are since all kids enjoy creating different forms of crafts. 

Research the possible models you can mold using this recycled paper. One of the most exciting and simple things to make is greeting cards.

Let your kids be creative enough to develop the different cards they want. Allow them some space to add whatever they want to the card. These could include glitters, stickers, and anything else that can make the card special and unique. 

Ultimately, the black card is a blank canvas for anyone creative. If you have the time, then you can do it with them.

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Create a collage with a theme and let your kids learn. Decide on a specific theme or idea and have all of your work on something aligned with that. This can be a project for a few days that keeps children engaged. 

Make sure to save the projects for the future, and you can always show your kids what they can create when they decide to be productive.

2. Plan for Nature Walks

Do your kids love nature and are always talking about animals and crops? This holiday could be a chance for you to take them to where they can learn more about plants and animals. Nature walks are a great way to learn hands-on skills.

Plan the walks based on the areas of interest your kids may have shown. For example, if they keep talking about bird species, this is your chance to go bird-watching. Get them a guidebook, and encourage them to record every sighting of the birds they see.

Carry a camera for the kids to capture the photos of the birds they see. Once you are out of the wild, you can compare your findings and talk about the facts of each bird you saw. This is an exciting way for the kids to learn more about birds than they would ever do.

3. Engage in Farming Activities

Your kids may love farming and growing things. Use this opportunity to teach them to grow herbs and vegetables. Do everything from scratch and teach them how to nurture and care for plants from the seed level.

Start with herbs that you can grow in containers around the house. Place the recycled herb containers on the patio or along windowsills. Let the kids monitor and keep watering the herbs they planted. You can also use herbs in your cooking to show the kids the importance of growing things.

4. Play Indoor Games

You can play many family games with the kids, especially if the summer days are rainy. Your kids do not have to be bored when there are cards, lego, and other games to play as a group. Let the kids play pretend and try to imitate the people they want to be.

Some can be doctors who try to treat others. Others can be teachers, nurses, and any other profession. This is the best way to learn about your children and what they want to do when they are grown. Encourage them and show them the possibilities of this happening even in the games you play. 

Find activities and games that stimulate their creative thinking.

5. Hold Cooking and Bake Competitions

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Do your kids love making food creatively? This summer break is your opportunity to let them explore. Create a safe and supervised environment for them to practice making different foods. 

Buy them a variety of baking molds and ingredients to use. If you cannot watch over them, organize an adult to supervise them to ensure they are safe since they are handling heat and fire.

6. Go for a Road Trip as a Family

Choose a few days and take the kids and the entire family on a road trip to a place you have all been eyeing to visit. Explore different exciting areas and have the children write about their experiences once they are back home.

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If you can spend the night there, then do so, as this will give the children a unique experience and help them get a new perspective. Visit historical places if you can and let the kids learn about what happened in the past. They will appreciate the sacrifices of those who did their best, even risking their lives for them to enjoy their life.

7. Plan for Picnics with the Kids

Take this to help your kids learn planning and organization skills. Involve them in planning as you set a picnic date for you and them. Choose a place together and have them decide what will be on the menu.  

8. Play a Ball Game they Enjoy

Some parents have athletic and sports-loving kids who enjoy specific games. Set up some time to play basketball, soccer, or any other game you love. You can organize friendly competitions and races so that the kids can compete with each other. 

This is the perfect way to instill good competitive behavior among the kids. They will learn how to handle defeat since you are there to guide them.

Final Thoughts

You can do so much with the kids on their summer break. This would be a great time to take your annual leave and plan for a vacation if you can. 

However, if it is impossible to get such breaks, think of simple but exciting ways to keep your children engaged and happy. The idea is to make them occupied.


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