Thief Pilfers Solar Panel, Returns Next Day for Special Bulb, Imam’s Request Leaves Twitter Abuzz

The Unusual Mosque Robbery: Solar Panel and Special Bulb Stolen in Two Days

In a peculiar incident that blends humor with seriousness, a thief targeted a mosque in Nigeria, making off with a solar panel on January 16th, only to return the next day for a special bulb, according to a Twitter post.

Twitter User @incarnate_13 Shares the Curious Turn of Events

The bizarre events were shared by Twitter user @incarnate_13, who revealed that the Imam of the mosque challenged the thief to return and take the special light that the stolen solar panel powered.

Imam’s Request and the Twitter Reaction

In an unexpected twist, the bulb was indeed taken on January 17th, leaving social media users amused and intrigued.

The Twitter post humorously quoted the Imam’s announcement, and subsequent tweets captured the reactions of people online.

Celebration of UNILAG’s Best Graduating Student: A Shift in Tone

Meanwhile, amidst the unusual robbery story, many are celebrating the achievement of Akanmu David Oluwatomiwa, UNILAG’s best graduating student with a perfect CGPA of 5.0 in Civil Engineering.

A Flawless Academic Journey and Numerous Prizes

David Oluwatomiwa maintained a flawless CGPA throughout his five years at the institution, earning him more than 15 prizes and certificates.

He emphasizes the importance of strategy and perseverance in achieving academic excellence.

Book Author and Blueprint Provider for Students

Oluwatomiwa, the first student in his field and the fourth overall at UNILAG to graduate with a perfect 5.0 GPA, authored a book sharing his university experience and providing a blueprint for others on a similar journey.

Social Media Reactions to Academic Excellence

The Twitter reactions to the academic achievements ranged from awe to humor, with users expressing amazement at Oluwatomiwa’s consistent excellence and even making light-hearted comments about his extraordinary abilities.