‘The Wife’: Kwenzo Ngcobo tells the story of how he found his happily ever after

‘The Wife’: Kwenzo Ngcobo tells the story of how he found his happily ever after

Kwenzo Ngcobo, who plays Qhawe in the telenovela The Wife, talks about his path from being a befuddled brother to finding his happily ever after.
In season one, viewers watched Qhawe stalking his brother’s wife, Hlomu, and at the end of season one, sleeping with his brother’s (Mqhele) wife.
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Talented actor Kwenzo Ngcobo – who plays Qhawe in The Wife says viewers can expect to see a different Qhawe in season two.
Ngcobo tells True Love:

“I can’t reveal much but in the second season, Qhawe goes through a lot and tries to focus and re-channel himself.”
“Viewers will be seeing a lot of a confused and distracted Qhawe but towards the end of the season they’ll enjoy seeing him finally find the love of his life and will get to love him more.”

He says he auditioned for The Wife in March 2021 and got a call back in July.

“I did my second audition and waited until I received a call where I was told I’d be playing Qhawe.”

He says he grew up in the taxi industry just like Qhawe though he can’t relate with Qhawe’s dark personality.

“I’ve also grown up in the taxi industry but, well, we didn’t do heists and all that hectic stuff the Zulu brothers do and that’s the major difference between Qhawe and I.”

He tells the publication that he grew up in a village and describes his childhood as a very fun one.

“When people speak of hiking, I know the original form of it because we’d walk in the mountains to go hunt.”

He watched his father’s cassettes and watched movies:

“I particularly liked Jean Claude van Damme’s movies and after watching his movies.”
“I’d imitate him and show my friends how he did all these spinning kicks.”

After completing his matric year, Kwenzo applied for an arbitrary course he dropped after three months.

“I realised that I wanted to do something along the lines of acting and directing because I enjoyed the sketches we’d act out in Sunday school.”

“I then enrolled at the drama department at the Durban University of Technology and was only accepted the following year and completed my degree,” he explains.
He then decided to look for a TV job when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.