The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Video Chat Event

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Video Chat Event

Today, the role of ‘person to person’ hardware and software has grown significantly. This growth is due to the rapid development of network and communication technologies, increased computer productivity, and the need to process an increasing amount of information.

Virtual tools and distance learning, remote access and control, as well as video chat events are experiencing a period of rapid prosperity. It is due to restrictive measures of companies in a pandemic. Video meetings are designed to facilitate and increase the interaction of both people with computers and data and groups of people with computers connected to a network.

Nowadays, video chat events occur in the business sphere, education, litigation, everyday life, etc. Many websites allow users to organize and conduct useful video chats without difficulty. For example, the free random video chat app without coins Shagle talk to strangers offers an excellent solution for those who want to chat with strangers online via video without following complicated rules. The project is based on simplicity and ease of use, which becomes apparent from the very first use. Today, it is considered one of the most popular sites for chatting live with girls on the Internet. 

If you want to learn more about video chat events, read the virtual event guide below, and find valuable tips from experts.

What Are Video Chat Events and What Are Their Capabilities?

Video chat events are a way of exchanging video images, sound, and data between two or more points, equipped with appropriate hardware and software systems. Its participants can see and hear each other in real-time, share data, and process it together. Video meeting combines direct dialogue, access to databases, voice, video, and a whiteboard. With the help of a whiteboard, users can make their own marks on the document and read the comments and amendments of other participants.

Video events provide the opportunity to communicate in real mode, as well as exchange important information. Therefore, they are considered not only as something experimental but also as a partial solution to the problem of automation of activities. This gives a significant advantage over traditional offline solutions.

How to Host a Virtual Event: Simple Guide to Follow

To be effective when planning and conducting video meetings, following some simple tips is essential. They can be roughly divided into four groups: planning, room preparation, effectiveness, and video chat etiquette.


A video meeting requires proper planning in advance, especially if your conferences are designed for more than two people. The more time you spend planning, the more likely you will have an excellent online event. Make sure that you take into account the time zone differences. Otherwise, you may find that some of your participants may not join the meeting on time. Also, be sure to include a phone number for the video event if you need to call someone in case of problems. The large font size on graphic materials is essential.

 Without it, participants will not be able to see the image clearly even if they try to do so by getting closer to the screen. Planning is important not only when meeting with multiple participants. This stage should also not be skipped when organizing a two-person live video chat with girls, which can be quickly organized using the Shagle talk to strangers. The success and effectiveness of the online meeting as a whole depend on the work done at this stage.

Room Preparation

Ideally, your room should be equipped with sufficient lighting and sound and air conditioning before installing the video meeting equipment. You can also maximize the effectiveness of your online event by turning on all the lights to make people look evenly lit and avoid the raccoon-eye effect. If the room has windows, close any blinds. Turn off any extra fans. Ensure all the equipment needed for your virtual meeting is in the room and in working order.


As with face-to-face meetings, you need to prepare for video meetings. The difference between a face-to-face event and a video chat event is that not properly prepared sessions look much worse. All participants must be introduced, even those who cannot appear on the camera image. It is helpful to have a sign indicating the location of each participant. This way, people know who they are talking to. This is especially important in a multipoint conference.


To organize events online, follow the tips below:

  • Start and end the event on time;
  • Introduce all participants;
  • Tell about the subject of the meeting, content, and basic rules;
  • Focus on the main topics;
  • Summarize the key points of the conversation;
  • Encourage everyone to participate in the conversation;
  • Stimulate discussion:
  • Ask direct questions, especially after each topic section;
  • Raise issues;
  • Ask everyone’s opinion;
  • Summarize findings and action plan;
  • Make sure the speaker is clearly visible on the monitor.

Rules of Etiquette

Video event etiquette must be followed to avoid chaos. This is especially true for multipoint online chat events. So, don’t forget to mute your microphone when the other side is talking. Be aware of the transmission delay. Avoid fast movements. The equipment works based on what moves. The more movement, the more difficult it is for the equipment to keep up with the data transfer. It is not unnecessary to look like a TV presenter; dressing in soothing colors creates a better picture.

Equipment Needed for Successful Video Chat Meetings

Please note that video calls are possible provided the necessary equipment is available. To establish a quality connection, you need a modern personal computer with support for audio and video, a microphone, a webcam, and speakers (or headphones). Modems and network connections, high bandwidth, and related software are also necessary.

The low bandwidth of communication channels and the low speed of processing audio and video streams by computers of 36 participants can be an obstacle when organizing interactive video communication. However, modern video conferencing systems allow simulating the situation in such a way as to enable all parties to see, hear, and work as if the participants in the meeting are in the same room.


Video chat event is now a relatively new technology that has emerged by using the best features of other technologies, including multimedia. A few years ago, it was difficult to predict that entertainment video chats for professionals would become serious tools for solving the problems that are constantly arising in our rapidly changing world. And this was undoubtedly influenced not only by technical progress but also by limiting the work of organizations during the pandemic. This was a challenge and impetus for developing technical means that provide remote work for employees, students, etc.

The advantage of interactive video meetings is that it maintains multi-party video and audio communication between different addresses. In this guide, we have provided helpful information on how to prepare a video meeting effectively. Follow the tips and create great online chat events without any difficulties!

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