The True Story Behind Netflix’s “Society of the Snow” and the Andes Survivors’ Choice for Survival

From Andes Tragedy to Netflix Screen: “Society of the Snow” Recounts the Ordeal of Plane Crash Survivors

A Grim Tale of Survival:

In 1972, a plane crash in the Andes mountains shattered the lives of 45 passengers.

Now, Netflix’s “Society of the Snow” brings this harrowing story to viewers, offering a glimpse into the survivors’ 72-day fight for survival in the harsh wilderness.

Facing the Unthinkable:

The film delves into the agonizing decision made by the survivors to turn to cannibalism, a desperate act fueled by hunger and the will to live.

Roberto Canessa, one of the actual survivors who suggested the idea, chronicles his internal struggle and eventual acceptance of this gruesome necessity.

Haunting Memories:

Despite the pragmatic choice, the survivors grappled with the emotional and spiritual implications of consuming their friends’ remains.

Canessa’s words, “For a long time, we agonized… I felt I would be stealing their souls,” capture the depth of their torment.

Pushing Boundaries:

The film also explores the survivors’ physical and mental resilience.

Canessa’s long trek with fellow survivor Fernando Parrado and Ramon Sabella’s reflections on the act of cannibalism showcase their determination to overcome the unimaginable.

Preserving Memory:

The survivors, including author Carlos Paez Rodriguez, feel a responsibility to share their story.

Rodriguez’s comparison to the Beatles’ “Yesterday” emphasizes the burden and importance of carrying the weight of their experience.

Authentic Experience:

Director J.A. Bayona’s commitment to filming at the actual crash site and casting Uruguayan actors adds a layer of authenticity to the film.

This attention to detail promises a powerful and potentially unsettling experience for viewers.

More Than a Tragedy:

“Society of the Snow” is not just a story of survival; it’s a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for adaptation, resilience, and even forgiveness in the face of unimaginable adversity.

This film promises to be a thought-provoking and emotionally charged exploration of the limits of human endurance and the choices we make in the face of death.

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