The Traitors Season 2: A Twist in the Game and Surging Applications

The Traitors Season 2: A Twist in the Game and Surging Applications

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

The Traitors Season 2 Promises a New Twist, with Increased Applications and Pre-planned Strategies


The production company behind the psychological reality TV show, The Traitors, has announced that the upcoming second season will offer a different experience for viewers.

Studio Lambert revealed that they have received over 40,000 applications for the show, following its success during the Christmas period last year.

In the first season, 22 strangers competed for a £100,000 prize at a castle in the Highlands, engaging in a game of detection, backstabbing, and trust.

The announcement of The Traitors’ second season indicates its popularity and the anticipation surrounding the show.

The unique format of the game, involving secret traitors and their mission to eliminate other contestants, has captivated audiences and prompted a surge in applications.

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New Challenges and Prepared Contestants Await in Season 2


Toni Ireland, the executive producer at Studio Lambert, spoke about the upcoming season during the Wales Screen Summit.

Referring to it as the “difficult second album,” Ireland expressed excitement about the new season while refraining from divulging too many details.

With the first season now watched by potential contestants, Ireland expects a different dynamic as new players come in with pre-planned strategies.

Studio Lambert’s role will be to keep them on their toes, ensuring that unexpected twists lie around every corner.

The mention of a “difficult second album” suggests that the production team is aware of the challenge of maintaining the show’s success and engaging the audience in the upcoming season.

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The revelation that new contestants will arrive with pre-planned strategies introduces an intriguing element, as their expectations will clash with the unpredictable nature of the game.

Growing Popularity and Recruitment Efforts

Sarah Fay, another executive producer at Studio Lambert, shared insights into the show’s increasing popularity.


She revealed that around 1,500 people applied for the first season, a modest number for a debut series.

However, for the upcoming season, the show received a staggering 40,000 applications.

Fay expressed the production team’s commitment to finding the best candidates, actively targeting individuals who might not have considered applying previously.

The significant rise in the number of applications indicates the growing appeal and recognition of The Traitors.

The team’s dedication to finding the most suitable participants highlights their efforts to maintain the show’s high-quality standards and ensure an engaging cast for the upcoming season.

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Return of Host Claudia Winkleman and a Mysterious Tagline

Syeda Irtizaali, the BBC’s editor of unscripted content, confirmed that Claudia Winkleman, the host of Strictly Come Dancing, will return for the second season of The Traitors.

Irtizaali also revealed the tagline for the upcoming season: “You think you know how to play the game, you don’t know anything.”


The confirmation of Claudia Winkleman’s return assures viewers of continuity and familiarity in the second season.

The enigmatic tagline adds an air of mystery and intrigue, hinting at unexpected challenges and surprises that await both the contestants and the audience.

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