The Taxi Operators Welfare Fund offers a series of benefits to its members

The Taxi Operators Welfare Fund (TOWF) will offer a series of benefits to its members, including a Death Grant of Rs 30,000 to the family of a taxi operator who passes away, loan schemes, and other forms of financial assistance, trainings, scholarships, and leisure activities.
This announcement was made, this afternoon, by the Chairman of the Taxi Operators Welfare Fund (TOWF), Mr Parwez Nunnoo, during a press conference held in Port-Louis.
Mr Nunnoo recalled that the Taxi Operators Welfare Fund Act, was introduced in 2021, and that the TOWF was established to cater for the advancement and promotion of the welfare of taxi operators and their families.
He emphasised that the Board is constituted of different representatives of Taxi operators in various sectors as well as public officials in different ministries to ensure that the Fund works in an efficient and sound manner. On that score, he lauded the unflinching commitment of the board members in ensuring that there are adequate infrastructure and mechanisms to enhance the welfare of taxi operators.
In addition, the Chairperson underlined that according to the Taxi Operators Welfare Fund Act,  all taxi operators should be registered with the Taxi Operators Welfare Fund (TOWF) and that a monthly payment of Rs 300 should be made. Registration has kickstarted on 04 January 2022, and so far some 1,000 taxi operators have registered themselves, he informed.
Furthermore, he reaffirmed that the Fund will operate within the principles of transparency, while highlighting that all financial activities carried out will be subject to Government auditing.
Mr Parwez Nunnoo also added that benefits including discount plans for auto insurance coverage and spare parts, amongst others, are being negotiated by a Technical team, and pointed out that the members will obtain a card to avail of these benefits. He also announced that as from March 2022, taxi operators will need to obtain from the Fund, a Car Clearance Certificate to renew their operating license.Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Republic of Mauritius.

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