Blac Chyna’s Transition: From OnlyFans to Passes, Embracing Authenticity and Empowerment

Blac Chyna’s Transition: From OnlyFans to Passes, Embracing Authenticity and Empowerment


Reality star Blac Chyna, now known as Angela White, candidly discusses her departure from OnlyFans, revealing concerns about self-exploitation and the impact on others, particularly young women.

The 35-year-old celebrity, who amassed $2 million in two years on the platform, shares her decision to transition to the ‘clean’ content platform, Passes, aiming to showcase her authentic self and inspire positive change.

OnlyFans: A Platform of Exploitation:

Blac Chyna reflects on her experience on OnlyFans, expressing feelings of self-exploitation and being confined to a specific image.

Acknowledging the labels associated with her past, she discusses how OnlyFans contributed to perpetuating these stereotypes and limiting her authenticity.

Despite financial success, she realized the platform did not align with her desire to present her true self.

Accountability and Exit from OnlyFans:

The reality star expresses a sense of responsibility for the potential influence on others, fearing that her success on OnlyFans might encourage negative decisions by aspiring individuals.

Blac Chyna emphasizes her desire to avoid being held accountable for choices that could negatively impact others, leading her to make a conscious decision to leave the platform.

Embracing Passes: A New Beginning:

Blac Chyna enthusiastically discusses her move to Passes, highlighting the platform’s focus on empowerment rather than exploitation.

She appreciates the opportunity to present a more comprehensive view of herself, including aspects like fitness, cooking, and music. The platform’s one-stop-shop approach aligns with her vision of building a positive legacy and being a good influence for her children.

Passes: Empowering Content Creators:

An overview of Passes as a clean content platform is provided, emphasizing its inclusive approach to creators of various sizes and niches.

The platform aims to offer a unique level of digital intimacy between creators and their fans, promoting recurring income, business growth, and deeper connections.

Blac Chyna’s content on Passes will encompass spirituality, business insights, recipes, fitness routines, and a behind-the-scenes look at her personal experiences.

Blac Chyna’s Transformation:

The article touches upon Blac Chyna’s journey this year, where she documented her decision to dissolve fillers and discussed quitting her ‘degrading’ OnlyFans career.

Her spiritual awakening and connection with God played a significant role in inspiring this transformation, setting the stage for her positive and authentic presence on Passes.


Blac Chyna’s shift from OnlyFans to Passes signifies a personal and professional evolution, with a commitment to authenticity and empowerment.

As she embraces a new platform, she seeks to inspire positive change, especially for her children and those around her, by showcasing her true self and engaging with fans on a more meaningful level.

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