Freemason’s Death Sentence for Don Bosco Unearthed as Young Assassin Breaks Down in Tears, Vows to Thwart the Deadly Plot

Freemason’s Death Sentence for Don Bosco Unearthed as Young Assassin Breaks Down in Tears, Vows to Thwart the Deadly Plot

Chilling Revelation and Tearful Confession:

In a gripping turn of events, young Dasso, a Freemason operative, crumbled to his knees, overwhelmed with tears and sobs, as he disclosed a sinister plot to sentence Don Bosco to death.

Shockingly, a group of Freemasons had orchestrated the deadly plan, selecting twelve men to carry out the order.

The Freemason Death Sentence:

The clandestine group had sentenced Don Bosco to death, with twelve men chosen for the grim task.

Dasso, torn by the weight of the secret, confessed the ominous plot to the revered figure. He revealed that he, too, was marked to be the first executioner, acknowledging the imminent revenge of his co-conspirators.

Despite the fatal consequences of unveiling the truth, he adamantly refused to carry out the heinous act of killing Don Bosco.

Refusal to Kill Don Bosco:

In a moment of profound confession, Dasso, grappling with the gravity of his mission, renounced the plot to assassinate Don Bosco.

He relinquished the concealed weapon and expressed his understanding that revealing the dark secret sealed his own demise.

Despite Don Bosco’s attempts to console him, the young man hastily departed, setting in motion a sequence of events that would alter his life forever.

Escape and Rescue from the Brink of Suicide:

On June 23, burdened by the weight of his revelation, Dasso attempted to take his own life by throwing himself into the Po River.

Swift police intervention prevented the tragic outcome, rescuing him from the brink of suicide.

Don Bosco’s Compassion and Assistance:

In the aftermath of the revelation, Don Bosco extended his compassion and aid to Dasso. A plan was devised to help the young man escape from Italy, allowing him to live in hiding for the remainder of his days.

The Salesian account notes that Dasso found refuge and sanctuary, evading the repercussions of the sinister plot.

Unraveling the Dark Web of a Death Sentence:

The revelation of the Freemason plot, Dasso’s tearful confession, and the subsequent escape paint a vivid picture of the intricate web of a death sentence.

Don Bosco’s life, spared by the courageous refusal of a young operative, sheds light on the dangers that lurk beneath clandestine organizations and the profound impact of compassion and redemption in the face of imminent peril.

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