Nigerian Woman Earns ₦10,000 in Under a Minute: A Swift Triumph in Drinking Challenge


In a viral video circulating on social media, a Nigerian woman has become the talk of the town for her exceptional talent in swiftly finishing three bottles of alcohol in less than a minute.

The impressive feat earned her a coveted ₦10,000 prize in a drinking challenge that captured the attention of online viewers.

The Challenge Unfolds:

The video captures a young man setting the stage for the challenge, informing a group of ladies that the one who drinks three bottles the fastest would be rewarded with ₦10,000.

The spotlight quickly shifted to the calmly seated woman who would soon become the star of the show.

A Swift and Calm Victory:

With the challenge underway, the featured lady wasted no time, deftly picking up the bottles and consuming their contents with remarkable speed.

Her actions left onlookers astonished, drawing comparisons to a “drunken master” akin to Jackie Chan’s legendary film character.

Online Reactions:

The video sparked a flurry of reactions online, with social media users expressing amazement at the woman’s drinking prowess. Comments flooded in, highlighting the disbelief and admiration for her ability to down three bottles of stout in just a matter of seconds.

Internet Applause:

Social media users such as @favourchuks9709 and @Chimeztony likened her to Jackie Chan’s drunken master, emphasizing the seemingly unreal nature of her achievement.

Others, like @Enna, called for unity among the Udi people, celebrating the prowess displayed by their fellow community member.

Light-Hearted Commentary:

Several comments took a humorous tone, with users like @Beatrice Naa Korkor expressing relief that the woman didn’t chew the bottles and @H.O.Dlov reminiscing about a friend from Udi known for consuming a carton of beer within an hour.

Aftermath Anticipation:

As the video gained traction, some users speculated about what might unfold in the aftermath of the drinking challenge. Comments from @uyigabriel and others hinted at the anticipation for potential consequences or further displays of the game.


The viral video showcasing the Nigerian woman’s rapid and impressive consumption of three bottles of alcohol has not only entertained online audiences but has also sparked conversations and camaraderie.

The incident, celebrated with humor and admiration, reflects the diverse and lively nature of internet culture. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to watch the remarkable feat on social media.