D’banj Cleared of Rape and N-Power Fraud Charges: Two Investigative Bodies Confirm Exoneration


Renowned Nigerian musician Dapo Oyebanjo, widely known as D’banj, has received a legal reprieve as he has been officially cleared of charges related to a 2020 rape allegation and accusations of N-Power fraud.

Two prominent investigative bodies, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) and the Nigeria Police Force, independently affirmed D’banj’s exoneration, marking a significant victory for the artist.

Legal Confirmation:

Documents obtained from both the ICPC and the Nigeria Police Force revealed the conclusive clearance of D’banj from the charges.

Toheeb Lawal of Law Corridor, an Abuja-based legal practice, presented an affidavit to the District Court of Abuja, confirming the artist’s exoneration. The reports from the police and ICPC were identified as exhibits A and B, respectively.

Rape Allegation Investigation:

The charges originated from a rape allegation in 2020, prompting an investigation by the Inspector General of Police. According to the police report dated November 14, 2023, signed by ACP YY Abubakar of the Special Enquiry Bureau at the Force Criminal Investigations Department, the comprehensive investigation found no evidence supporting the claim.

The report detailed inquiries conducted at the Glee Hotel Lagos, where staff members provided statements, confirming D’banj’s absence on the alleged date.

N-Power Fraud Examination:

In addition to the rape allegation, D’banj faced accusations of N-Power fraud. However, the ICPC’s investigation, as documented on November 29, 2023, revealed no basis for the fraud allegations.

The commission officially confirmed D’banj’s innocence in connection to the N-POWER Scheme fraud.

Legal Representation Clarification:

D’banj’s legal representative emphasized that the artist had never held any government position, had no access to government funds, and volunteered support for the N-Power campaign without compensation from the government or any other entity.

This clarification further reinforced D’banj’s innocence in the N-Power fraud allegations.


The legal clearance from both the police and the ICPC signifies a significant victory for D’banj, putting an end to the cloud of allegations that loomed over him.

The artist, known for his contributions to the music industry, can now continue his career without the legal burden that has been officially lifted.

The exoneration serves as a testament to the thorough investigations conducted by the independent bodies and marks a pivotal moment in D’banj’s legal journey.

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