Portraying Kate Middleton in The Crown’s Final Series

The Actress’s Hopeful Reflections

Meg Bellamy, the chosen actress to portray a young Kate Middleton in the final series of The Crown, expresses her hope that the Princess of Wales will view her depiction fondly.

Bellamy, 21, shares her feelings of responsibility and the challenges she faced upon securing the role.

From Legoland to The Crown: A Cinderella Story

Discover the remarkable journey of Meg Bellamy from being a red brick mascot at Legoland in Windsor to landing the iconic role of the future Queen of England.

The actress reflects on the sudden transition and the immense sense of responsibility that accompanied it.

A Berkshire Connection: Growing Up Near Princess Diana

Explore the unique connection between Meg Bellamy and Princess Diana, as both grew up just ‘ten minutes from each other’ in Berkshire.

Bellamy shares her admiration for the Princess of Wales, emphasizing the normality she brought to the royals.

Sneak Peek into The Crown’s Final Episodes

Get an exclusive look at the upcoming episodes of The Crown, featuring images of Prince William and Kate’s royal romance portrayed by Bellamy and Ed McVey.

The article provides insights into the depiction of their meeting at St Andrew’s University in 2001 and the development of their youthful romance.

Behind the Scenes: Transforming into Kate Middleton

Explore the behind-the-scenes preparations as Bellamy undergoes intensive training with movement and voice coaches to embody the essence of Kate Middleton.

The actress shares the importance of wearing Kate’s outfits at home to truly immerse herself in the character.

Part Two of Series Six: William and Kate’s Journey Unfolds

Discover the narrative arc of the upcoming episodes, focusing on Prince William’s return to Eton and the challenges he faces as he navigates his way through university life while being part of the Royal Family.

The article highlights William’s crush on Kate Middleton, setting the stage for their unfolding relationship.

The Bond Among Actors: Support and Camaraderie

Meg Bellamy reflects on the significance of her bond with fellow actors, emphasizing the supportive and welcoming atmosphere on set.

The article explores how her co-stars helped her overcome imposter syndrome and made her feel valued throughout the filming process.

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