The Controversial Journey of Suella Braverman: Multicultural Background and Far-Right Alignment

The Controversial Journey of Suella Braverman: Multicultural Background and Far-Right Alignment

...By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

Suella Braverman’s diverse heritage and personal background paint a picture of a modern, multicultural Britain.


Born to Indian immigrant parents, with a Hindu mother from Mauritius and a Christian father from Kenya, she herself practices Buddhism and is married to a Jew.

Even her educational experiences reflect her openness to other cultures, as she took part in the EU’s Erasmus program to study in France.

Controversial Positions on Immigration and Brexit

Despite her multicultural background, Suella Braverman has aligned herself with the far-right faction of the Conservative party.

She has used language described as “racist” when discussing asylum seekers arriving in France by boat, referring to them as an “invasion.”

Additionally, she has suggested that sexual grooming gangs consist predominantly of British-Pakistani men who hold values contradictory to British values.

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As a strong supporter of Brexit, she played a role in removing British students’ access to the Erasmus program that she herself benefited from.


Political Ambitions and Family Background

Suella Braverman’s interest in Conservative politics can be traced back to her upbringing.

Her mother, Uma Fernandes, was a Tory councillor and both of them competed for the same parliamentary seat in 2003.

Despite her early political ambitions, Suella pursued a legal career, becoming a barrister in 2005.

She eventually entered politics and was elected as the MP for Fareham in 2015.

Appointment as Attorney General and Criticisms

In 2020, Suella Braverman was appointed as the attorney general by Boris Johnson.

However, she faced criticism from the legal community for actions that were seen as damaging the UK’s reputation, particularly in relation to the Brexit deal.

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During this time, she also started a family with her husband, who is a proud member of the Jewish community.

Brief Stint as Home Secretary and Recent Controversies

After Boris Johnson was replaced as Prime Minister, Suella Braverman stood for the leadership position but was eliminated early on.


She endorsed Liz Truss, who became the new leader, and was appointed as the home secretary.

However, her tenure was short-lived, as she had to resign due to sharing an official document using a personal email address.

She criticized Truss’s leadership but was soon reappointed to the position by Rishi Sunak.

Speeding Fine and Potential Breach of Ministerial Code

Suella Braverman recently faced scrutiny over a speeding fine while serving as home secretary.

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The issue arose when she asked civil servants to explore the possibility of attending a one-on-one speed awareness course to avoid publicity.

Critics argue that this may constitute a breach of the ministerial code, while her supporters argue that she was merely seeking advice.

Positioning for Leadership Challenge and Policy Disputes

There are indications that Suella Braverman is positioning herself for another leadership challenge in the event of a Tory defeat in the next election.

In recent weeks, she has clashed with cabinet colleagues over economic growth measures and has had some of her immigration proposals rejected.


These actions are seen by some as an attempt to gain favor among party members and distance herself from a potential electoral loss.

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