The company distributes food items to orphanages located in Ondo.

Corporate Giving: Ondo-Lynyi Industry’s Outreach

A generous initiative unfolded at Ondo-Lynyi Industry Limited, stationed within the Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo state.

This company took a compassionate stride by providing essential food supplies to various orphanages scattered across the state.

Aid for Over 250 Children

The primary beneficiaries of this altruistic act are the more than 250 children currently residing within these orphanage facilities.

Among the provisions distributed were packets of noodles and containers filled with rice, intended to support their sustenance.

Distribution at Ark Children Home

The fruition of this benevolent endeavor materialized on a Friday, specifically at the Ark Children Home in the Ikota Community, situated within the Ifedore Local Government Area of the state.

Company officials orchestrated the distribution of these essential items directly to the orphanages.

A Gesture of Corporate Social Responsibility

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Prince Adewale Omolayo, the company’s public relations officer, articulated that this act was an integral part of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

He emphasized the significance of extending goodwill and support during the festive Yuletide season.

Outreach Logistics and Expectations

Expressing the scale of the endeavor, Omolayo highlighted their preparations for accommodating over 250 to 300 children.

The coordination involved reaching out to nearly 10 orphanage homes across Ondo State, ensuring the provision of necessary palliatives.

Acknowledging the Impact

Mr. Emmanuel Adaramola, Executive Director of the Emmanuel Children World Foundation, lauded the company’s efforts.

He acknowledged the crucial role this support played in aiding these homes to care for the children, expressing hope for continued collaboration between the foundation and the company.

An Ongoing Commitment

Highlighting the need for sustained support, Adaramola emphasized the significance of ongoing partnerships with organizations like Ondo-Lynyi Industry Limited.

He noted the collective efforts of various entities in uplifting the lives of over 200 children during the recent December 27th celebration, underscoring the importance of such initiatives for children from marginalized and impoverished backgrounds.

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