The Vixen from ‘The Chase’: How Jenny Ryan Got Her Iconic Nickname

The Art of Mental Warfare

In the competitive world of quizzing, mental warfare plays a significant role in intimidating opponents. Jenny Ryan, known as “The Vixen” on ‘The Chase,’ has mastered this art, using her wit, quick thinking, and an imposing presence to unnerve rival contestants.

Similar to the cunning and calculated nature of the animal she’s named after, Jenny, at 41 years old, has become a formidable force on the show.

A Nickname That Almost Wasn’t

Jenny’s journey to becoming “The Vixen” wasn’t straightforward. When she first auditioned for the show, she didn’t possess the moniker that has become synonymous with her quiz prowess.

Instead, she came close to being named “The Cougar,” a term often associated with older women pursuing younger men.

The quest to find the perfect nickname for her was underway, with the producers determined to give her a fitting identity.

The Role of Bradley Walsh

It was Bradley Walsh, the host of ‘The Chase,’ who ultimately came to the rescue and bestowed Jenny with her iconic title.

During a screen test, he noticed her distinctive style, with her penchant for leopard print, and his quick thinking led to the birth of “The Vixen.”

Foxes, clever and cunning creatures known for their fighting spirit and cheeky demeanor, served as the inspiration for her new nickname.

Jenny Ryan shared the story of how Bradley Walsh’s creative thinking led to the perfect nickname for her on ‘The Chase.’ While initially considered

“The Cougar,” Jenny’s transformation into “The Vixen” has solidified her status as a fan favorite on the popular quiz show.