The Burden of Beauty Standards: From Pamela Anderson to Kylie Jenner

The Burden of Beauty Standards: From Pamela Anderson to Kylie Jenner

Over the weekend, I watched Netflix’s documentary on Pamela Anderson, where she spoke about her experiences with a breast augmentation in the 1990s.


Her candid revelation shed light on the sexist treatment she faced, as people felt entitled to constantly inquire about her appearance and make jokes at her expense.

This behavior continues to resonate in the present, as exemplified by Kylie Jenner, who recently admitted to having had a breast augmentation when she was 19, citing concerns about the pressures it might place on her daughter Stormi.

However, Jenner’s confession has not been without controversy, with some accusing her of setting unrealistic beauty standards and promoting insecurities among women.

Kylie Jenner’s Admission and Backlash:

Kylie Jenner’s public admission of her breast augmentation has sparked a significant backlash.


Critics argue that her actions contribute to unattainable beauty ideals, leading women and girls to feel inadequate without undergoing similar procedures.

Skepticism arises regarding the timing of her revelation, coinciding with the resurgence of thinner body ideals due to the influence of products like Ozempic.

However, blaming a single individual for the beauty industry’s pervasive standards seems overly simplistic.

It is essential to consider that Jenner, too, may be influenced by these expectations.

The Kardashian and Jenner Sisters’ Role:

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters have become synonymous with the modern beauty ideals that dominate public conversation.


Their physical attributes, including curves, lips, hair, and makeup techniques, have shaped contemporary standards of beauty.

Moreover, they have successfully launched various brands, capitalizing on their appearances.

Kylie, for instance, launched a popular makeup line and lip kits, initially denying any cosmetic enhancements but later admitting to lip fillers.

This ambiguity has led some customers to feel misled.

The Faustian Bargain of Fame:

Fame comes at a price for women who become renowned for their looks.


While they enjoy celebrity status and financial success, their appearances are perpetually under scrutiny, and their life stories are analyzed for flaws.

Pamela Anderson, like the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, experienced this phenomenon, enduring intense scrutiny and entitlement over her body.

Despite the passage of time, it seems little progress has been made in reevaluating society’s treatment of women who carve careers based on their looks.

Understanding Kylie Jenner’s Position:

It is possible to hold conflicting views about Kylie Jenner’s experiences.

On one hand, she may have been a victim of the same beauty standards she now influences, grappling with the pressures to maintain an image that even her family struggles to keep up with.


This notion is exemplified by the overheard conversation between her mother, Kris Jenner, and her sister, Khloe, discussing Khloe’s need for a nose job when she was just nine years old.

The realization of this situation might be a heartbreaking and challenging moment for Kylie. Nevertheless, her public admission could be seen as a positive step, allowing her to acknowledge the impact of beauty standards on young girls like her daughter Stormi.


The experiences of Pamela Anderson and Kylie Jenner highlight the enduring burden of beauty standards on women in the public eye.

Despite societal progress, the perpetuation of unrealistic ideals persists, impacting women’s self-esteem and influencing their decisions.

Kylie’s revelation, though met with criticism, presents an opportunity for broader conversations about the expectations placed on women’s bodies.


As we reflect on the past and present, it becomes evident that a more compassionate and empathetic approach is needed to create a healthier and more inclusive beauty culture for future generations.


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