iOS 17.4 to Unleash a Whirlwind of 118 New Emojis, Including a Phoenix, Lime, and Gender-Neutral Families

Apple’s Emoji Revolution: 118 New Icons Unveiled for iOS 17.4

In an anticipated revelation, Emojipedia has showcased the forthcoming introduction of 118 new emojis, including diverse additions like a lime, phoenix, brown mushroom, and gender-neutral families.

These emojis are set to enrich the visual language of Apple devices with the upcoming iOS 17.4 update, scheduled for release in spring.

A Sneak Peek into the Colorful Lineup: Phoenix, Lime, and More

Among the vibrant ensemble are icons depicting a phoenix, lime, brown mushroom, and a broken metal chain.

This emoji infusion also includes innovative gender-neutral family emojis, shaking heads, and over 100 sideways-facing people emojis representing various skin tones and genders.

These fresh additions promise a more inclusive and diverse emoji palette for users.

Emojipedia’s Insight: Approving Emoji 15.1 for iOS 17.4

Emojipedia, a part of the Unicode Consortium, granted approval for the release of these emojis, identified as Emoji 15.1. Keith Broni, Emojipedia’s Editor in Chief, highlighted that these emojis stem from Unicode’s September 2023 recommendations.

The final public release of iOS 17.4 is expected to reach users in March or April 2024, building upon the security-focused iOS 17.3 released earlier this month.

Visual Variances: Apple vs. Samsung Emoji Designs

While companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google apply stylized versions of these emojis to their operating systems, differences in design emerge.

For instance, Apple’s gender-neutral family emojis take the form of silhouettes in white on a light blue background, while Samsung opts for black figures on a grey backdrop.

These families include variations such as two parents and a child, one parent and two children, one parent and one child, and two parents and two children.

Future Outlook: Emoji Evolution and Flag Exclusion

The recent batch of emojis, denoted as Emoji 15.1, does not include any flag emojis, aligning with a decision made earlier this year by Emojipedia due to the challenges posed by the “transient nature” of many flags.

Looking ahead, the next emoji batch is anticipated in the summer, approved in September, and released in 2025, adhering to criteria set by the Unicode Consortium.