Fatal Melting Ice Mishap in Ottawa Claims Teenager’s Life, Leaves Two Injured, One Missing

Fatal Melting Ice Mishap in Ottawa Claims Teenager’s Life, Leaves Two Injured, One Missing

Tragic River Mishap Claims Teenager’s Life

A fatal incident occurred on the Rideau River in Ottawa, Canada, as four teenagers plunged through the melting ice, resulting in the loss of Ahmed Haitham, 17, with two others hospitalized and a 16-year-old boy missing.

Tragedy on Rideau River: Ice Mishap Details

The unfortunate event unfolded near Nicholls Island Road around 9:30 pm, where the companions planned to skate on the river.

However, the warmer weather had caused gradual ice melting, proving perilous for their outing.

Rescue Efforts and Hospitalization

Rescue attempts led to the successful retrieval of two individuals who were transported to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario for treatment related to mild hypothermia.

Emergency responders encountered challenging conditions during the rescue operation.

Search and Recovery Efforts

Police and emergency services continued a water search through the night, leading to the recovery of Ahmed Haitham’s lifeless body.

Regrettably, one youth remained missing, and the search resumed the following morning.

Background and Family Tragedy

Ahmed Haitham, part of a refugee family from Iraq, was a month shy of turning 18 and held aspirations of joining a post-secondary police foundations program after graduating in February from John McRae Secondary School.

Family’s Emotional Ordeal and Fundraising

The grieving family, devastated by the loss, expressed their profound sorrow and shock.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Ahmed’s family during this traumatic time, highlighting the tragic circumstances and seeking financial assistance amid their grief and hardship.