Taylor Swift’s Legal Battle Escalates – University Student Faces Lawsuit Over Tracking Celebrity Private Jets


Taylor Swift’s legal team intensifies action against Jack Sweeney, a University of Central Florida junior, for operating social media accounts monitoring the takeoffs and landings of private jets, including Swift’s.

Legal Threat to Student:

Swift’s attorneys send a cease-and-desist letter to Jack Sweeney, 21, demanding an end to tracking Swift’s private jet movements.

Sweeney, a junior at the University of Central Florida, runs accounts monitoring the flight paths of planes owned by public figures.

Sweeney’s Tracking Endeavor:

Jack Sweeney’s tracking accounts use publicly available data to monitor the flight paths of planes and helicopters owned by celebrities, billionaires, politicians, and other public figures.

Sweeney previously engaged in a public dispute with Elon Musk in 2022 over sharing jet details.

Sweeney’s Statement on Harm:

In a statement to DailyMail.com, Sweeney emphasizes his lack of harmful intentions, expressing admiration for Swift’s music and a commitment to transparency and public information.

Swift’s Legal Ultimatum:

Swift’s attorneys in Washington assert that the 34-year-old pop superstar will pursue legal action if Sweeney does not cease his alleged “stalking and harassing behavior,” highlighting the emotional distress caused to Swift and her family.

Sweeney’s Response to Allegations:

Sweeney responds, acknowledging the negative headlines about Swift’s jet use and carbon emissions.

He notes contradictions in Swift’s team statements and points out the timing of the legal threat following previous controversies.

Details of Cease-and-Desist Letter:

The cease-and-desist letter, sent to Sweeney’s family home, accuses him of treating the situation as a game and emphasizes the gravity of the matter, stating it is a life-or-death concern for their client.

Swift’s Stalking Incidents:

References are made to past stalking incidents outside Swift’s homes, with one recent arrest in Manhattan. The letter contends that there is no legitimate public need for the information Sweeney is tracking.

Sweeney’s Interpretation of Legal Threat:

Sweeney views the legal threat as an attempt to scare him from sharing public data and claims to exercise more caution in sharing information about Swift. The disabling of his tracking accounts coincided with the receipt of legal threats.

Environmental Backlash and Legal Threats:

The legal threats align with Swift facing environmental backlash for her jet travel during her Era’s Tour and visits to support Travis Kelce in the NFL.

Swift’s Carbon Emission Controversy:

Swift, labeled 2022’s biggest celebrity polluter, faces scrutiny over carbon emissions. Her team defends her by stating she loans her planes and buys double the required carbon emission tokens for touring.

Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact:

Statistics from Taylor Swift’s Jets on Instagram reveal 138 tons of CO2 emissions from her trips, prompting discussions about environmental damage and offset calculations.

Swift’s Super Bowl and Tour Commitments:

Swift’s attendance at the Super Bowl remains unconfirmed. Following the event, she faces global travel for her Eras Tour, with performances in Melbourne and Sydney.

Efforts to Offset Carbon Emissions:

Swift’s spokesperson claims she purchased double the required carbon credits before the 2023 tour to offset travel emissions.

The excess credits could cover additional travel, including support for Travis Kelce during the tour.