Taylor Swift Asserts Relationship Rules on NFL Star Travis Kelce, Including a Ban on Strip Clubs

Taylor Swift Asserts Relationship Rules on NFL Star Travis Kelce, Including a Ban on Strip Clubs

According to reports, Taylor Swift is reportedly taking charge in her relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce, especially concerning his public image.

Six months into their romance, the pop star is said to have established some ground rules, with Kelce seemingly on board with most but not all of them.

Rules on Public Behavior

Among the rules set by Taylor is a prohibition on Kelce visiting strip clubs, a restriction he is reportedly okay with. However, another rule banning him from posing with female fans reportedly left him exasperated, according to a source.

Despite understanding Taylor’s talent for shaping her billion-dollar public image, Kelce, at times, feels the need to draw a line.

Fashion Choices and Wardrobe Allowance

Taylor Swift is also said to have a hand in Travis Kelce’s wardrobe, providing him with a closet allowance of $500,000 to upgrade his looks with designer clothing.

While Kelce is known for his flair for fashion, the pop star allegedly wants him to step up his style choices.

The source revealed that Taylor loves Kelce’s bold fashion choices but finds some outfits suspect, emphasizing that it’s more about evolution than control.

Communication Dynamics and Personal Space

In their long-distance relationship, Taylor reportedly expects Kelce to FaceTime her instead of texting, viewing it as a subtle way to stay connected.

It’s mentioned that she secretly wants to keep tabs on his whereabouts. The source claims Taylor is a good judge of character and has concerns about some of Kelce’s friends.

Love and Relationship Commitment

Despite setting rules, it’s emphasized that Taylor isn’t trying to control her NFL boyfriend but rather helping him adjust to the newfound fame.

The article highlights that neither Taylor nor Kelce dictates whom the other can associate with, as such control would be a relationship deal-breaker.

Both are reportedly committed to strengthening their relationship amidst the challenges of public scrutiny.

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