Discusses Reconnecting with Taylor Swift After Breakup

Confirming the Breakup

Taylor Lautner confirmed rumors about the end of his relationship with Taylor Swift in 2009. He discussed their split on the set of Valentine’s Day, suggesting that Swift was the one who initiated the breakup.

Lautner expressed that respecting someone’s essence allowed them to move forward and maintain love in a different manner.

Post-Breakup Friendship

Following their separation, Lautner revealed that they remained amicable, occasionally crossing paths. However, they eventually lost touch for a period.

Throughout this time, Lautner maintained immense respect for Swift as a person, considering it a vital aspect of their dynamic.

Reconnecting and Rekindling Friendship

Highlighting the past year as significant, Lautner shared that rekindling their friendship with Swift was one of the most meaningful occurrences in his life.

He spoke about the value of reconnecting and rebuilding their bond after a period of not communicating.