Taking Off with Controversy – Finnair’s Passenger Weight Survey Raises Eyebrows

Taking Off with Controversy – Finnair’s Passenger Weight Survey Raises Eyebrows

Finnair Initiates Controversial Passenger Weighing Program for Flight Safety

Finnair, a Finnish airline, has sparked controversy by introducing a voluntary program to weigh passengers before boarding flights.

The move is aimed at improving flight data accuracy, with Finnair arguing that it will enhance safety.

However, critics perceive this measure as fat-shaming and raise concerns about potential discrimination.

Voluntary Weighing at Helsinki Airport:

Finnair has implemented the program at Helsinki Airport, where passengers voluntarily stand on scales at departure gates.

The initiative is part of the airline’s effort to gather precise data for aircraft performance and balance calculations, challenging the reliance on European standard weights.

The voluntary nature is emphasized through a prominent sign at the airport, labeled ‘Voluntary Customer Weight Survey.’

Safety and Accuracy Justification:

Finnair justifies the initiative by emphasizing the need for accurate weight data to calculate aircraft performance and balance, essential for safe flight operations.

A spokesperson highlights the fluctuation in weight depending on various factors, such as location and time of year.

Engineers support the move, stating that updated data is long overdue for flight safety.

Passenger Concerns and Potential Humiliation:

Critics, including frequent flyers, express concerns over potential humiliation and discrimination.

They argue that weighing passengers at the gate could leave certain individuals, particularly solo travelers and those who are overweight, vulnerable to discrimination.

Suggestions are made for alternative methods, such as inputting weight during the booking process, to address safety concerns without subjecting passengers to potential embarrassment.

Finnair’s Decision-Making Process:

Finnair provides insights into its decision-making process, stating that the idea to weigh volunteers emerged in 2017.

The airline opted to use its own weight measures instead of relying on the European Aviation Safety Authority’s (EASA) standard weights.

The company highlights variations in weight based on seasons and routes and notes that over 800 people have voluntarily participated.

Global Perspective on Passenger Weighing:

Finnair is not the first airline to introduce passenger weighing initiatives.

Mention is made of Korean Air’s similar move in 2023, aimed at reducing fuel wastage and improving weight estimations.


The controversy surrounding Finnair’s passenger weighing program underscores the ongoing debate between safety measures and potential passenger discomfort.

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