Take-Two’s Tease: Is the Grand Theft Auto 6 Drought About to End?

Take-Two’s Tease: Is the Grand Theft Auto 6 Drought About to End?

The anticipation surrounding the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series might finally come to a close in the upcoming year, according to hints dropped by its publisher.


Take-Two, the company behind the acclaimed crime series, has kept fans waiting since 2013 when Grand Theft Auto V was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Despite this hiatus, the game’s popularity has endured through re-releases on subsequent consoles, propelling it to become one of the most successful entertainment products of all time, with a staggering shipment count of over 185 million copies.

A substantial factor contributing to its resounding success is the online mode, where players can use real money to purchase in-game items.

This facet alone has substantially bolstered the game’s revenue, accumulating an impressive $6 billion (£4.7 billion) in total.


During an investor call, Take-Two executive Lainie Goldstein dropped a tantalizing hint about the company’s anticipation of achieving “record levels of operating performance” in the upcoming financial year.

This optimism was linked to a “significant inflection point,” fueling speculation among fans that the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 might potentially see the light of day between the period of April 2024 and March 2025.

Potential Release Window Teased by Take-Two Executive

Industry observers swiftly interpreted Lainie Goldstein’s remarks as a promising indicator of the impending release of Grand Theft Auto 6. Brendan Sinclair, the managing editor of GamesIndustry.

biz, viewed Goldstein’s comment as more than a mere hint, stating that it “absolutely” pointed towards a potential release window for the game.

Sinclair highlighted Take-Two’s strategy, emphasizing that the parent company defers to GTA developer Rockstar for determining marketing strategies, including release announcements.


He also emphasized the strategic significance of a new mainline Grand Theft Auto release, citing the predictable surge in sales that such an event would generate, and acknowledging Take-Two’s desire to inform investors in advance.

Delays and Ambitions: Rockstar’s Development Pattern

Rockstar, the developer of the Grand Theft Auto series, has often faced delays in its game development endeavors due to the ambitious scope and complexity of their projects.

Games like GTA V, GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and its sequel have all experienced delays.

While Take-Two’s forecast seems to suggest a potential timeline for GTA 6’s release, industry experts like Sinclair speculate that the company’s plan might be more optimistic than the reality of the development process.

Acknowledging Take-Two’s other major franchises, Sinclair noted that achieving the substantial additional revenue of nearly $3 billion forecasted for fiscal year 2025 might hinge heavily on the success of GTA 6, given its significant impact on sales.


Limited Information and Leaks Surrounding GTA 6

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto installment, GTA 6, has been shrouded in secrecy, with both the company and Rockstar maintaining a mostly reserved stance on the game’s details.

Development was officially confirmed only last year.

Notably, the game’s veil of secrecy was partially lifted when leaked footage surfaced, marking one of the most notable cybersecurity breaches in the gaming industry’s history.

Executives, however, reassured fans that this breach wouldn’t hamper the game’s progress.

The leaked footage appeared to confirm that the game would be set in Vice City, a fictionalized version of Miami from previous titles.


Moreover, it is set to feature two protagonists, including the first playable female character in the series’ history.

Longest Gap in Series’ History

Given the extended span of time since the last release, Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts are experiencing the longest wait period between new entries since the series’ inception in 1997.

The enduring popularity of the franchise and the mounting anticipation for GTA 6 indicate that, if the hinted release comes to fruition, it could mark a monumental milestone in the gaming world.

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