Tacha Sparks Debate with Hypothetical Question on Kidney Donation While Flaunting New Range Rover

Tacha Sparks Debate with Hypothetical Question on Kidney Donation While Flaunting New Range Rover

Tacha’s Thought-Provoking Question:

Big Brother Naija sensation, Tacha, took to Twitter to pose a hypothetical scenario, seeking the opinions of Nigerians, especially the men.

She raised the question of what a man should do if he donates a kidney to his wife, only to discover she cheats on him, files for divorce after two years, and expresses a desire to sever all ties.

Tacha intriguingly pointed out that, in this situation, the man is not entitled to reclaim his donated kidney.

Social Media Buzz:

Tacha’s thought-provoking question quickly gained traction on social media, sparking discussions and diverse opinions on the hypothetical dilemma she presented.

The scenario she proposed delves into complex aspects of relationships, loyalty, and the legal implications surrounding organ donation and divorce.

Tacha’s Luxurious Acquisition:

In a separate social media post, Tacha flaunted her latest acquisition – a sleek Range Rover worth a staggering one hundred million naira (N100M).

The reality TV star shared a video proudly showcasing her new ride and humorously attributed her ability to afford it to her “sugar daddies.”

Tacha playfully listed the brands she represents as her sponsors, cheekily acknowledging their contribution to her luxurious lifestyle.

Openness About Financial Support:

Tacha, known for her candid demeanor, openly admitted that her success and acquisitions are facilitated by her collaborations and sponsorships, playfully referring to them as her “sugar daddies.”

Her unapologetic acknowledgment of the role these partnerships play in her financial endeavors contrasts with the traditional secrecy surrounding such arrangements.

Backlash and Congratulations:

While some social media users engaged in lively discussions regarding Tacha’s hypothetical question, others congratulated her on her new Range Rover.

Tacha showcased her luxury vehicle alongside her previously owned Benz, responding to critics and emphasizing her ability to acquire the new car without parting with her existing one.


Tacha’s dual social media presence, where she sparks intriguing debates and showcases her lavish lifestyle, continues to generate buzz.

Whether raising thought-provoking questions or proudly displaying her acquisitions, Tacha remains a prominent figure in the entertainment scene, eliciting reactions and discussions from her diverse audience.

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