Lawsuit Against T.I. and Tiny: Plaintiff Claims Disturbing Encounter with Couple After Meeting at Coolio’s Party in 2005

Disturbing Allegations Surface: Lawsuit Accuses T.I. and Tiny of Drugging and Assault

A woman, identified as ‘Jane Doe,’ has filed a lawsuit against rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris, accusing them of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2005.

The court documents obtained by detailed a distressing account where the plaintiff alleged she was given a drink by Tiny at a club and subsequently ended up in a hotel room with the couple, leading to alleged assault despite her objections.

Serious Accusations: Lawsuit Lists Charges of Sexual Battery and False Imprisonment

The plaintiff, identified as a member of the U.S. Air Force stationed in Los Angeles at the time, has brought forward charges including sexual battery, assault, negligence, and false imprisonment against T.I., 43, and Tiny, 48.

The couple vehemently denied the allegations in a statement, asserting their innocence and countering the claims that have apparently evolved over three years.

Complex Details of the Incident: Revelations from Lawsuit Documents

The lawsuit depicts an intricate sequence of events, alleging that the plaintiff attended a party at rapper Coolio’s residence where she met someone linked to T.I. and Tiny.

Although the couple was absent from the party, arrangements were made to meet them at a Los Angeles nightclub the next evening.

The accuser claims to have received a drink from Tiny at the club and ended up in an SUV with the couple, heading to a hotel along with two other unidentified women.

Disturbing Encounter: Detailed Account of Alleged Assault

The lawsuit further outlines distressing moments, suggesting the plaintiff was taken to a hotel room where she ended up alone with T.I. and Tiny after the other women were asked to leave.

The plaintiff alleges she was undressed by Tiny in the bathroom, followed by a shower involving T.I. and subsequent feelings of lightheadedness. Detailed in the court documents, the accuser claimed she was then coerced into a sexual act by T.I. using his toe, despite her protests.

Legal Implications and Statute of Limitations: Filing Under California Law

Despite the incident dating back to 2005, the plaintiff decided to file the lawsuit under California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act, which allows victims of sexual assault to file lawsuits even after the statute of limitations has expired.

However, T.I. and Tiny’s lawyer stated that the lawsuit missed the deadline for filing.

Reiteration of Denials: Couple’s Previous and Current Stand

The couple had previously addressed similar allegations in 2021, firmly denying any coercion or non-consensual activities.

In an Instagram video, T.I. emphasized their adherence to consensual engagements within their relationship, categorically denying any force, drugging, or trafficking accusations.

The lawsuit adds to a series of controversies surrounding the couple, who continue to refute allegations as they face mounting legal challenges and intense public scrutiny.

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